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  • Survey on exiting mabi

    I don't mind the occasional satisfaction survey with games, but seriously why use IE? It shouldn't be that hard to have the survey pop-up in the player's default browser. Reason being, IE has so many vulnerabilities it's not even safe to even open it, let alone answer a quick survey.

    And considering not all of us use win10, win7 here but only cause I'm out of work and covid is going around, plus my laptop is 10 years old, so putting win10 on it is like putting new tires on an old rusted car.

    Sure my AV could probably catch any virus that got through during the survey, but I'm not willing to risk my laptop for a survey that could easily be put on the site occasionally or be opened in a player's default browser.

    Plus, it's not like it'd even be that hard to code. More than likely you'd just have to change where the survey opens up.
  • Well, that wasn't too difficult (10k corgi)

    Gaby5011 wrote: »
    Frahaleah wrote: »
    Holy corgi, pun intended. Are those stats just from Fynn mastery and Shine of Eweca?
    Frahaleah wrote: »
    Gaby5011 wrote: »
    I got 16 cages in total.

    How can you have 16 cages when the limit is 4, alts?

    Yeah I didn't give it any food, and yes, alts. I plan to get at least 32 cages total, been putting it off for now. My 3 other alts are also r1 blossoming btw, just for funzies.

    Don't break the game... Then again you're using Ferghus as your forum avatar.
  • S> Novice Adventurer Corgi (35m)

    I think the term is adorable
  • Bought a Scythe

    Greta wrote: »
    You know, i'm kinda hopeful they will make it as talent someday. They do listen to player suggestions.

    Reaper Talent
  • Young Ceraunus question

    Frahaleah wrote: »
    Nexon says besides appearance, young ceraunus is identical to the adult version. Does that apply to skills, like does young ceraunus have the same skills as the adult or are they 'lesser' versions of the adult's skills?

    Exact same. The only difference is their appearance.

    And cuteness level