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  • @Nexon, it's time to stop.

    Gaea wrote: »
    That's extreme, no one needs to be fired. You suck for saying something like that so blatantly.

    Also you're probably trying to earn gold wrong or are just too lazy. If you don't like the gacha then don't buy it. A lot of us are actually skipping this one. You have only yourself to blame.


    Yeah no, one persons greedy decisions affect hundreds of players, so no, it's not extreme.

    Also no one even likes you on this forum so shut it.

    I wanted to get my wife the junior outfit because it's cute, also the Sonata burn is perfect for her.

    But I got neither. I'd say a lot worse to you specifically but I shall refrain.
  • @Nexon, it's time to stop.

    Gold buyers win out, every single time now.

    I spent $60 on new gach, and got maybe a few mill in items, and not a SINGLE item from the new list.

    Been playing Nexon games since 2007, and Mabinogi since 2009.

    I AM one of your supporters, and the last 4 gach releases have given me jackall worthwhile, meanwhile, I'm undercutting other gachers by a couple hundred thousand gold on items I paid 1.50 USD for, and then gold buyers come around and get the newest, top tier items in the gach for 20m each (20m is like $30 or something), meanwhile I get next to nothing for supporting you directly.

    I get nothing from the "new" items list for supporting you. Why do you do this to your supporters?

    Yes, it is random, yes I know that; but how can you justify the outcome? Would it really hurt you to give me ONE new item?

    You need to stop eyeing those Whales and take a step back and really see how bad you're making it for your longtime supporters by giving them crap for supporting you.

    Now I'll talk about non-premium stuff.

    Rare materials should be rare, but attainable.

    High value items should be worked for, but not for months at a time.

    So non premium players who can solo most end game stuff have to work WEEKS for a few mil? That's just ridiculous.

    Whoever has you by the sensitive parts to make the game this way needs to be fired.
  • Private Academy Box

    I love spending 60 bucks for a culinary artist 2nd title x2.

    Literally nothing of the new items out of 45 boxes.

    That's the last straw, the last time I'm letting you take my money for literally nothing.
  • Ch7 "Maintenance" and rollback.

    ohi Lute, if that's true then Ripperoni, sorry to hear.

    We once lost a Jackal Wiz suit (F) when they were brand new and super expensive (Gach) and Nexon wouldn't replace the enchanted one, just a plain one in the mail...
  • Do something with these reforge bots

    perhaps the gold sellers mass bought the 20,000 reforge boxes, and are selling them at the regular market price to then sell that gold back to buyers at a profit.