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  • So about this vacation event

    LongSly wrote: »

    Making me hungry for pineapple pizza...

    "This just in, long running MMO Mabinogi closes after droves of players abandon the game, when the update introducing pineapple on pizza debuted. More at 12".

    It's better than olives or mushroom on pizza!
    I was set on female and looked through each tab slowly in case I missed it, I even started to type in "sailor" and it didn't come up.

    It has to be there... did you click on the boxes below in the dressing room? They can filter out clothes you currently have and clothes you can currently store.
  • So about this vacation event


    Besides, its been a while since we got new food items to craft.

    I agree. But also would want some tropical food to go along with it~ Maybe add Pineapple as an obtainable ingredient and have some pineapple dishes. And guava too! Maybe make some rangoons or pulled pork sandwich, different types of sorbet.

    Ah...I can't wait for the cooking expansion we're slated for.

    Making me hungry for pineapple pizza...
  • PayPal transactions, and a disagreement. thoughts?

    @Gaea Your response confuses me...
  • Merlin, Please.

    Merlin hurts me mentally... TH is a lesser extent (he's like a wannabe Lora Croft or something!)
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Opalthira wrote: »
    Try investing in skills like divine link and mana shield to make you last longer and give you an edge.

    Mana shield is r8, but lacking in MP to be very effective, especially for this boss (and risk potion poisoning too for the amount of MP 100's i'll be chugging)... as for divine link (rA), pet is lucky to go into deadly state in ~1-2 hits, ~2-3 for me.

    Would love to rebirth my pet so it would have better use...

    Buffalos wrote: »
    And actually read the white text pop ups that give hints to you on how to beat stuff instead of trying to face roll this content.

    You mean the one that lasts briefly on screen yet at the same time distracting you while trying to concentrate on the battle that does not pause when instructions are finally given to you of what to do next unless it's part of a dialogue?

    I'm sorry, didn't realize I have to battle, move, and avoid a boss and read distracting text in the middle of the screen at the same time when my HP gets wiped in 1-2 hits by a boss that constantly locks onto me and that can teleport to me!

    Seriously though, you're most likely looking at this from an entirely different perspective than others are to the point there might be a disconnect going on. Wouldn't surprise me if you were far stronger than most people are in this thread alone... if you were in our shoes, I doubt you would have the same mindset and a better understanding, but what do I know, I'm just a guy who keeps trying to get through a boss fight without getting hit in 2-3 hits.

    dowie wrote: »
    Farming nao stones from saga is pretty easy as its actually good to do consistently but actually needing them I feel shouldn't be the answer to some of this stuff.

    I don't mind using a few nao stones to get through a tough situation (around 3 on average), especially if I'm making great progress between each use, but when I have to heavily rely on them to get through a part, there's a problem and it's hard to tell if it's because of the quest or because I'm not yet ready to tackle it (and could be both).

    Animemabi wrote: »
    The game is fine as it is stop wining people and get good at the game instead of feeling entitled and want the game easier.

    We're talking about specific instances of this generation and other generations in this chapter, not the entire game. While we're being specific of where we're finding difficulty in, you're making it seem like we're talking about the entire game, which isn't true. Don't paint such a broad brush on an issue that is being centered around.

    And bluntly telling people to "get good" is like telling a 5 year old to "learn Calculus" with no guidance of where to start... it doesn't help anyone.

    Neroy wrote: »
    Guys please its day 1/2 since this update came out just relax and rethink things through. If this generation taught me anything its to slow down and look around and think of a strat. I stopped relying on magic, stopped relying on gun, and now all i use mainly is a sword and a shield without spamming bash 24/7 and actually enjoying the more diverse crowed control warrior talent has to offer. Just stay calm and take your time, Rushing and being angry isnt going to help you focus.

    (i finished with ONLY Dan 3 smash,R1 def,R1 Counter, R1 WM, Dan 3 CM,and R1 Assult slash alongside with a nimbus, no reforges,just 3 nao soul stones,1 guardian stone, and 10-30 300hp pots a brionic and a frosted borealis shield<- i thought the brionic would work RIP AP)

    It's difficult to stay calm when I have to constantly run from a massive HP hit from a boss (which in turn could be a massive MP drain for Mana Shield), have to chug potion after potion of HP (and MP for mana shield) risking potion poisoning, have to make sure my fast mount pet doesn't become unconscious, make sure the divine link is still active, trying to find a good opening at a boss to do damage before it does an attack (if the animation allows you ample time to move, which Hasidim doesn't give enough time to move before it's double-dash attack), have little chance to relax and recollect during a battle to recover so my progress doesn't get reset, so on and so forth...

    I have similarly high ranking skills you mentioned, but the issue is surviving the attacks taken, not so much the damage input... and sadly some people aren't able to easily get their hands on a four-leaf clover to make 300 pots, nor have the leisure to purchase a pet that supplies four-leaf clovers by chance. Nor high-class armor for that matter.

    What was your Defensive stats as well? Most of us can't last 1-2 hits when caught, and that's where most of the struggle is with these battles.

    Like I said, I don't mind difficulty, but when it's cranked up to 11, and as people have pointed out over and over, with poor design of instructions of what to do exactly, something isn't right... would be nice if the NPCs were actually useful in battle than just being there "helping" Ralph Wiggum style. I'm glad it requires some strategy to tackle a tough boss than a usual battle like in a G1 boss fight for example, just wish it wasn't nearly impossible though...