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  • Thoughts On G21? (Content And Story)

    3 Starts... only thing that saves it from a 1 star is the story (whatever I have to say about the story has already been said far better).
    This darn final boss Hasiam or whoever is nearly impossible for me to beat. I have to heavily, no SOLELY, rely on paladin transformation just to have a decent chance against it, yet even still I have to retreat frequently to heal me and my soul link pet that's the fastest mount to avoid the double-dash spam this slender-knight does, if I can even predict it. Would be nice if the NPC's actually did decent damage to it instead of poking it with tooth picks to death.

    I faced this thing like 10 times, spamming HP and MP pots, Wound Recov pots, everything. Best I gotten down to was 50% and that's with about 30-mins left of the mission STRUGGLING just to survive and hope I don't get hit or be targeted but goes after one of the meat-shield NPCs (rarely does but instead goes after my pet the moment the health bar pops up).

    I don't know what else I need to do in order to survive it's attacks other than hit once or twice if given the chance and run (if the game would even register me wanting to mount). I don't even know what to do anymore. I do good damage, just need to survive more than 1-2 hits from it or not be put into low health that easily; whether it's swinging at me or double-dashing at me (which mostly KO's me if targeting me).

    Be nice if it didn't hone in on me once it gives its double-dash sign and instead miss me if I get out of the way of the direction it's going to go... would have a MUCH better chance killing it if I have a better chance of surviving that specific attack pattern, and if it did that attack rarely too.

    Also, during that battle, every time I get close to the gate of the Ruin City going outward, my game loves to freeze for a second or so just to display "Avalon" and it's description on my screen, misplacing me and leaving me open to be attacked, especially when I'm trying to gain distance from it to heal. If that could be addressed, would make the battle a bit easier for me...

    That's my only major issue with this generation, the battles. I don't mind difficulty, but when you rank it up to 11 and then some it becomes less discouraging to even progress.

    I like the new area, the music and atmosphere is great. Really love the story. Most of the battles, however, makes it difficult for me to enjoy it fully as it puts me at wits end of wondering "what can I do differently to have a fair chance?"...

    The more I keep doing the Alban Knights chapter, with countless retries between all 3 generations, the more I think I probably wasn't ready for this at all...

    That's my thoughts of G21.
  • The Raven in the Ruins' Hasidim

    I'm at my wits end too. Only once after 4 attempts did I managed to get 7 crits in (if I'm top of the darn thing with a chain blade I have a good chance of getting those 7 crits fast), but I can barely do any damage to it after. I can survive with one dash but two and dead...

    I have no nao stones, used them all up playing catch up in g19 and all of g20 (especially the final fight in g20 where I kept getting mobbed and one-shotted, or stunned then one-shotted, by prophets, black wizard, and those two moving apostles; even when in Paladin I hardly stood a chance against ONE in both G19 and G20) and few missions in g21 too (darn girga and it's poisoning...). Same goes for my powerful potions I saved up from a lot of events. SE's and RE's and Full Recovery Potions.

    Also don't want to deal with the Prophets again, especially the OHKO-happy succubuss, the wolfman that will stun-lock me, and the hammer guy that will most likely OHKO me just by breathing on me. This thing is difficult enough, even when I transform into Paladin! I'm told you don't fight them after you deal with Hasidim, but since they're a threat I have to juggle around keeping my distance from them.

    Guess this is as far as I can go for "part 1" which feels like part 2 at this point...
    Really thought Part 1 was after you brought the prophets in and before you went around Erinn with the sword.

    Unless there's any advice of how to deal decent damage after the crit-phase, I don't know what to do...
  • Phoenix Egg Hatching Event

    Think I'll just go for Finest once, just to get the 1st title, and then just aim for the Fine boxes (that'll be 5hrs minimum), since those offer better rewards out of all three...
  • Mabinogi Easter Egg Hunt!

    Just another day in Mabi in the Ruairi server...

  • Praise the Comma!

    I no longer have to use my finger to count more than 5 zeros on one item. x.x It's a blessing.