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  • You could do better, Nexon.

    I know Nexon LOVES it's RNG that players came to hate so much. In my experience, RNG is like crack cocaine mixed with hallucinogenics sprinkled ontop a heroine cake to Nexon. Seriously Nexon, I have seen people quit not just Mabinogi, or Maplestory, but you. They got fed up with there being too much RNG with about everything, your money yearning (gachas and the like with all sorts of trash in them for people who are sending money your way), and often seeing things with an expiration date. My suggestion, DIAL IT BACK FROM A 20 DOWN TO LIKE 8! As I said, people didn't exactly quit the games you have, but they quit you. You as a company have driven players away time and time again. You've made good changes, but those cannot help one overlook the trash you have thrown into your game. I love Mabinogi, 10/10. But time and time again, you guys do something that makes the experience of it feel ruined. So please, PLEASE dial back on that stuff. Also, bring back generation missions that can be ran with other people. It was so fun to run with some friends as you went through the story.
  • [WARNING KR SPOILERS]Giant Update (if we get it?)

    I know I may be late coming in here, and I'm just spit-balling an idea. But what I was thinking was possibly making humans better for support. Like give them a hidden ability that does something like:

    Music Buff Effect x 1.5
    Music Buff Length x 2
    Healing Amount x 1.25 or possibly up to 1.5
    Healing cures wounds equal to X of amount healed.
    When using Music Buff, Min/Max damage + X, Defense and Protection +X (applies to everyone affected, and possibly even scaled within a party).

    (This being stack-able with magical music)

    Essentially the idea all in all is to help close the gap for solo play, and bolster the others to be more potent when in a party. Though they would still not be able to out-due the other for DPS and such, but help bring them back.