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Your Daily Fashion!


  • AerenAeren
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    edited February 15, 2017

    Outfit: Royal Rose Outfit (F)
    Headpiece: Broad-Brimmed Feather Hat
    Shoes: Knee-high Boots
    Gloves: Terk's Open-Finger Gloves
    Accessories: (Hand) Pumpkin Rapier

    I've been wearing this outfit for quite a long while now, and its only recently when I got to do a photoshoot in the Rath Castle. There's something nostalgic about the Broad-Brimmed Feather Hat. Reminds me of the old times when it was a rare piece. :3

    @LittleCeci Thank you! I've been a bit fond of blue for quite a while now. :D
  • hamithehamisterhamithehamister
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    edited February 15, 2017
    @Shera I love the pieces you put together with that dress! It has such an elegant but sassy flair when paired with the laighlinne eyepatch and that pose. You have definitely inspired me to get one of those dresses now, I miss seeing them in Belvast all the time. They have such a nice flow to them.

    @Aeren I really love simple outfit combinations like this. It always makes me happy seeing people give new life to older items like the Broad-Brimmed Feather hat, especially when it matches so well with the rest of the outfit.


    I have always loved the Laighlinne Minimal Hunting Garment, ever since it first appeared on Laighlinne during the Samhain event. The first thing I did after purchasing her as a partner was swap out her outfit lol Not only are the details on it are so striking, but any outfit that comes pre-dyed in a pure white or black definitely gets my eternal appreciation. I am happy I was able to find gloves and shoes with nice black trim to continue the theme from the outfit.

    William's Glasses
    Laighlinne Minimal Hunting Garment
    Rhetoi's Rabbit Gloves (F)
    Brilluen Bootie Heels (F)
    Dark Hummingbird Wings

    (as per usual now, Ogre Crown is equipped in normal tab, hence my skin tone)
  • RokaRoka
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    edited February 15, 2017


    Headgear: Goggle Cap
    Clothing: Carpenter Clothes
    Shoes: Leather Shoes
    Gloves: Professor J Gloves

    Very cheap outfit to make! :^)
  • TreepTreep
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,930
    Posts: 66
    Finally bought Barba Blizzard M, since never see them but went for last days of winter look :D. . .

    Also have some rice, with that ice, which goes well with sticky rice paddle for yummy food~

    @hamithehamster Yay more green people using green color scheme <3

    @Roka LOL I still want Sabina to see that title :D

    @Shera Whoa so beautiful <3
  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,265
    Posts: 302
    @Shera Very gorgeous, hoping one day I can own that dress as well :D Oh the Winter Theme is for the Screenshot Contest, you can post whatever outfit you like as everyday thing :)

    @AerenThat is awesome, I really like that you used the Broad-Brimmed Feather Hat and the Knee-high boots. They used to be worn alot years ago and very nostalgic. :) Awesome to see old items still be used. Also you're welcome! :D Fun to experiment with colors.

    @hamithehamister I've seen that outfit used avlot, I didn't realize that there was actual black and white on it since I actually didn't keep mine. :) The trimmings look nice, the Rhetoi Rabbit gloves are probably one of my favorites to match with anything that has bows.

    @Roka Hi glad to have you back :D LOL didn't realize how much I actually looked like Peach till you pointed it out haha. Still love that Yoshi tube :D Hope you keep coming around!

    @Treep Congrats on the Barba Blizzard (even though I already told you that in game) and love that you used the bowl of ice as rice and included the rice paddle. :D So awesome!

    Hello! Because I’m running little low on fixed dyes, I decided to pair the outfit up with a different hat and boots. I did actually dye the boots to this set but it came out little lighter than the outfit and it bothered me so have to re-dye it again later. Originally the design part was brown but I didn’t like how it came out and wonder how it would look in grey since it’s kind of metal shiny. Compared to the 2 metal parts on the hat and boots, it looks a little dull but actually like how it came out this way. Since the outfit kind of reminds me of a Musketeer, thought I’d pull out my Pumpkin Rapier haha. Also love the back cape part, it looked little weird with wings so I took them off (been going wingless more often because I like seeing the back of outfits LOL).



    Outfit: Justice Suit (F)
    Headpiece: Star Coach Hat
    Shoes: Ranger Shoes (F)
    Gloves: Vampire Hunter Gloves (F)
    Accessories: Pumpkin Rapier
  • SheraShera
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,760
    Posts: 31

    @hamithehamister Thank you! I honestly... live for long dresses ESPECIALLY ones that show off the extra weight I put onto my character. I really hope they bring the dresses back because I love seeing how different people work it!

    @Littlececi Thank you~ I really want them to bring it back like I said above.

  • GoryouGoryou
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    edited February 16, 2017

    Forums are being weird, it keeps logging me off when entering a discussion.

    Here's my ninja-esque outfit! :D I'm currently collecting masks.

    Outfit: Gamyu Wizard Robe Armour (M)
    Headpiece: Yukata Mini Mask (M)
    Shoes: Hanbok Shoes (M)
    Gloves: Ranger Gloves
    Accessories: Hagi's Shuriken
  • AerenAeren
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,565
    Posts: 53
    edited February 17, 2017
    @LittleCeci I just love how that hat fits the Justice outfit. Maybe I'll go play with the Justice Outfit the next time. XD

    @Shera The hair fits the entire ensemble perfectly. Makes you look like a Commodore of some sort! XD

    @Goryou A very green Ninja. I mean it in most ways. X3 But seriously speaking, I miss those Yukata Mini Masks. Has there ever been a version for females?

    Messing around with my inventory now. I'm wearing all those stuff I haven't worn for a while as the days to my Style Tab ticks away...


    Outfit: Lymilark Choir Outfit
    Headpiece: Justice Suit Hat
    Shoes: Macaroon Mistress Shoes
    Gloves: (I never change orz) Terk's Open-Finger Gloves
    Robe: Holy Guardian Angel Wings
  • GoryouGoryou
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,115
    Posts: 13
    @Aeren Hahaha! I wish I had the Green Ninja Talent, it would so match, but using my ap for other stuff. Sadly there isn't a female version of the mask. T_T I'd totally give one to my commerce partner!
  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,265
    Posts: 302
    @Shera You're welcome and hopefully soon. :) The Kyle Outfit looks awesome, especially love the boots you paired with it. Very gorgeous in red.

    @Goryou That's weird, sometimes it occasionally logs me out as well and good luck collecting masks! :D I like it, does remind me of a ninja and love the light green you use.

    @Aeren Thank you haha, I'd love to see how it looks when you do :D Very lovely, I love going back through the older stuff and seeing how it looks with the newer things. Also its okay, I use almost the same ring for all my outfits haha.

    Hello! So I had this outfit for awhile but I actually never got around to wearing it haha. I used the Lilea’s Suit to get the pose in the first picture. Really like the Shaman Wig (F) with the outfit (super cute) and happy to use these shoes again. Also had the Pierrot Bracelet for awhile but finally using them with an outfit. When I went to go repair some magical clothes before the 100% repair ended, Fleta gave me another Large Shaved Ice Bowl so I went and collected some snow and after a friend posted saying its a bowl of rice, that’s all I can see now haha.



    Outfit: Sailor Uniform (F) [Lilea’s Suit Idle Pose]
    Headpiece: Shaman Wig (F)
    Shoes: Assistant Teacher Ribbon Shoes
    Gloves: Pierrot Bracelet
    Accessories: Pink Twinkling Cupid Wings, Large Shaved Ice Bowl
  • SheraShera
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,760
    Posts: 31
    edited February 18, 2017
    Y'all now that I'm here you're never gonna get rid of me LMAO

    I'M SO HAPPY THIS OUTFIT DROPPED FROM GACH- I've wanted this outfit since it was released in KR dreams come true y'all
  • AerenAeren
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,565
    Posts: 53
    edited February 18, 2017


    Outfit: Premium Winter Newbie Wear
    Headpiece: Royal Hunter Beret
    Shoes: 2012 Premium Winter Newbie Boots (F)
    Gloves: Terk's Open-Finger Gloves

    I'm experimenting with old stuff in my closet. Trying to see what matches which. :D
  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,265
    Posts: 302
    @Shera LOL I'm okay with that, please stay and show us all your fashion :D Congrats on the Puppet Theater, I hope to get one soon too haha.

    @Aeren Very cute and love it :D Mix and matching old with new stuff is always fun.

    I haven't taken pictures of my outfit I've been wearing LOL but I'll take pictures tomorrow and post it up :D
  • CinnabunCinnabun
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,740
    Posts: 64
    Hi, I haven't posted in a while. So I got my hands on a small supply of those dark blue flashy dyes that come from the new eweca orb and decided to incorporate it into my color as well as going with a more darker color scheme.

    I got this Chillin Urban Cap a while back from a gacha but never got a chance to use it, so I redyed it and added it onto my look. I also like the flashing color of dark blueish purple/black. Also i'm glad the puppet theatre outfit is finally back, got my hands on a pair at last after 5 yrs of searching LOL

    Headpiece: Chillin Urban Cap
    Outfit: Cheerful Snowflake Coat F
    Shoes: Treasure Hunter Boots F
    Gloves: Laighlinne Unbalanced Wrist Guard
    Accessories: Black Angel WIngs

    Headpiece: Goggle Hat
    Outfit: Puppet Theatre Outfit
    Shoes: Treasure Hunter Boots F
    Gloves: Laighlinne Unbalanced Wrist Guard
    Accessories: Black Angel WIngs
  • YamiofnightYamiofnight
    Mabinogi Rep: 800
    Posts: 16
    Entry Form:

    Items worn:
    Headpiece: Popo's Cap
    Outfit: Kuon's Outfit
    Booties: Pirate Woodworker Boots

    IGN: yamiofnight
    Server: Mari

    Description: Winter for me is always a time to snuggle up in the warmest thing possible, and scarves. For me, Kuon's outfit has always looked too warm to where in any environment outside winter. From the long sleeves to the high collar and scarf like wrap around the top, it radiates warmth.

    The pirate woodworker boots are pretty multi-purpose as far as footwear goes. With the Kuon, I feel they look thicker than normal, and feel more practical for winter travel. Heels are a girl's worst enemy when snow and ice mix together. That aside, I feel the color works well with the theme of the outfit. The popo hat works to tie the outfit to my hair, and my hair ties the outfit--via the scarf--to me. It flows well, I think.

    Aside: I don't post things often, but I do enjoy fashion. Now that my dear friend, Kitsuyasha, has pointed this place out to me, maybe that will change. I've looked through these ten pages several times by this point, and I have to say everyone is lovely and friendly. Thanks for having this here. :)

    Aside 2: I cropped the image to be a tighter shot on the outfit itself, and blurred the edges a bit to give more focus on the outfit itself. I didn't go as crazy as I would normally like to with such a thing, to keep the base image in tact. I hope to get to know everyone a bit more.
  • GoryouGoryou
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,115
    Posts: 13
    edited February 19, 2017
    Headpiece: Night Mage Hat
    Outfit: Rhetoi Rabbit Suit (M)
    Shoes: Police Shoes
    Gloves: Glow-in-the-Dark Bracelet (Yellow)
    Accessories: Fluffy Puppy Bag / Lightning Wand (Mint)

    SO! My Mabi family found 2 of my dye colors (closest was #98e294), I was so ecstatic that I decided to use whatever gold I had to make a new outfit since I haven't gotten my specific dye colors in 6 months! I only had 2 uses, so when I dyed the Rhetoi Rabbit Suit, I didn't know that the leg part and the small pouch on the side made the green have a darker accent, so that's why the green looks more dark going down the outfit.

    Here is my outfit where I think of myself as an apprentice mage. Currently sporting the yellow bracelet to hold my latent powers in check. The yellow bracelet was so I could match the yellow moon on the end of the night mage hat. Also, always using this backpack, what student doesn't have a backpack? :D

    Here's a brighter picture:

    @yamiofthenight Beautiful background choice and outfit!
  • KitsuyashaKitsuyasha
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,480
    Posts: 203
    edited February 19, 2017
    Entry Form:
    Screenshot: tumblr_oln83hiMLR1uqjnwno2_r1_1280.png

    List of Items You’re wearing:
    Vampire Hunter Outfit (M)
    Kirito Shoes
    Barba Blizzard Hat (M)
    Black Diamond Wings
    Winter Messenger Bracelet

    Description: Despite being a Halloween outfit I can see myself wearing this in the winter! I'm a fan of the fur lining the coat and the hat complements it very well. Fuzzy things! The diamond wings make me think of the stalagmites in the cave too! Despite my dark color set I enjoyed taking pictures in Par. It's already a lovely winter place and the detail of the ruins made a very nice backdrop!

    In-Game Name: Kitsuyasha
  • AliahAliah
    Mabinogi Rep: 820
    Posts: 4
    edited February 19, 2017
    haha wow life has been pretty busy lately!! i haven't posted here in forever ;;; i look forward to all the ppl who'll be posting in the contest!! i might participate if i have time haha


    i've been wanting a chillin' urban outfit for forever and my bff got it for me today yay :D i thought the after school shoes would complement the outfit and the snapback adds to the whole "cool kid" look. i've been incorporating bags into my wardrobe lately so i thought this pupper bag would look really cute with the outfit. i really want to get a skateboard now or some rollerskates, i think they'd be nice with this outfit (time to expand my wishlist) but i settled for having my scooter with me lol.

    i ran around festia for a couple minutes trying to find a nice spot to take a screenshot. i wanted one near the raccoon but the lighting from the torches was rly weird and made the shadows on my face look icky... so i just chose an area with balloons and a kiosk and thought it looked pretty good.

    this jacket looks so comfy i wish i had it in real life...

    Outfit: Chillin' Urban Outfit (F)
    Headpiece: Snapback
    Shoes: After School Shoes
    Gloves: Dowra's Bracers
    Accessories: Fluffy Puppy Bag
    Location: Adventure Zone, Festia

    EDIT: welp, i'm going crazy, i managed to post a picture the other night but now it won't do it here _(:3 」∠ )_ HAHA nevermind i'm just technologically challenged i guess
  • NevineNevine
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,110
    Posts: 129
    edited February 20, 2017
    @LittleCeci Thank you, I really liked how that outfit came together :'D And your looking lovely in pink again<3

    This is an older outfit, but I really like it so it makes a comeback every now and then *lol* Also managed to snag Darvy in the screenshot (with permission of course)

  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,265
    Posts: 302
    @Cinnabun Its okay :D Glad to see you're back and congrats on the flashy dyes! Love the dark shades, the Chillin' Cap looks good with the mysterious girl hair. Also congrats on Puppet Theater haha hope to get one soon as well :D

    @Yamiofnight Thank you for entry, love the outfit and the scenery is gorgeous. :D Didn't think about it being a winter outfit so that's awesome! Also welcome! :D Hope you will come by and post more often! That's okay :D Minor edits are okay and if you stick around haha I'm sure you'll get to know everyone here :D and meet new people too! Also haha I did see you at the OX Quiz event and you were smiling but I wasn't sure why till I saw your post. :D Sorry about that (hope you weren't talking to me cause I had names off and I wasn't paying attention to chat).

    @Goryou Very adorable and I love the matching glowing of the bracelet and the moon. I hope you can find your dye color soon D: Hopefully a gach spits them out or something. I never thought about the Rhetoi being a mage outfit but that's very awesome to see. :D Love the outside the box thinking!

    @Kitsuyasha Thank you for your entry! Glad to see you again haha. Awesome outfit, I didn't think the female version seemed very winter like but the male one definitely fits it :D Also thank you for pointing out this thread to Yamiofnight :D

    @Aliah Oh no that's okay :D I was actually going back through the first pages and remembered you posting and wondered if you would come back :D I'm glad you did! I'd love to see your contest entry even if its for fun :D Congrats on the Chillin' Urban Outfit, its definitely one of my favorites and love that you paired up after school shoes with it. Also love that you're incorporating bags into your wardrobe, I have so many but I haven't used any with my outfits recently haha oops. :D I hope you do get the rollerskates or the skateboard, I only have the skates but I've seen the skateboard and they're both super fun to have. Scooters are awesome too haha :D Aw I'll have to check out that place with the Raccoon, I usually just take it near the Hammer place or something. I do like the balloons and kiosk in the background :D Definitely adds to the kid theme. :D I'm sure there's a jacket like that, I have one that actually looks similar minus the fur part at the top and it is very comfy and warm though little bulky haha and its okay LOL forums can be little wonky sometimes and oh gosh hope this wasn't too long a reply D:

    @Nevine You're welcome and thank you! :D The Flame Rider looks really gorgeous in your blue and older outfits are always nice since you don't see them alot :D Haha you both look good :D

    Hi, I’m glad the gach re-released this set. I actually wanted to get one for awhile but put it off cause I was saving for other things. I love the idle it gives and the design of the outfit. I really like the fan animation that it gives haha. Don’t mind my silly chickens LOL. I also took a picture while Milk was afk :D Love the new outfit Milk got, I think its the Robe Version cause it didn’t have a pose and the front is closed. I could be wrong, I’ll ask next time I see Milk :D




    Outfit: Theatrical Troupe Outfit (F)
    Headpiece: Nekone’s Wig
    Shoes: Lisbeth Boots
    Gloves: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Accessories: Pink Twinkling Cupid Wings