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Your Daily Fashion!


  • AliahAliah
    Mabinogi Rep: 820
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    edited February 19, 2017
    haha wow life has been pretty busy lately!! i haven't posted here in forever ;;; i look forward to all the ppl who'll be posting in the contest!! i might participate if i have time haha


    i've been wanting a chillin' urban outfit for forever and my bff got it for me today yay :D i thought the after school shoes would complement the outfit and the snapback adds to the whole "cool kid" look. i've been incorporating bags into my wardrobe lately so i thought this pupper bag would look really cute with the outfit. i really want to get a skateboard now or some rollerskates, i think they'd be nice with this outfit (time to expand my wishlist) but i settled for having my scooter with me lol.

    i ran around festia for a couple minutes trying to find a nice spot to take a screenshot. i wanted one near the raccoon but the lighting from the torches was rly weird and made the shadows on my face look icky... so i just chose an area with balloons and a kiosk and thought it looked pretty good.

    this jacket looks so comfy i wish i had it in real life...

    Outfit: Chillin' Urban Outfit (F)
    Headpiece: Snapback
    Shoes: After School Shoes
    Gloves: Dowra's Bracers
    Accessories: Fluffy Puppy Bag
    Location: Adventure Zone, Festia

    EDIT: welp, i'm going crazy, i managed to post a picture the other night but now it won't do it here _(:3 」∠ )_ HAHA nevermind i'm just technologically challenged i guess
  • NevineNevine
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    edited February 19, 2017
    @LittleCeci Thank you, I really liked how that outfit came together :'D And your looking lovely in pink again<3

    This is an older outfit, but I really like it so it makes a comeback every now and then *lol* Also managed to snag Darvy in the screenshot (with permission of course)

  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,055
    Posts: 302
    @Cinnabun Its okay :D Glad to see you're back and congrats on the flashy dyes! Love the dark shades, the Chillin' Cap looks good with the mysterious girl hair. Also congrats on Puppet Theater haha hope to get one soon as well :D

    @Yamiofnight Thank you for entry, love the outfit and the scenery is gorgeous. :D Didn't think about it being a winter outfit so that's awesome! Also welcome! :D Hope you will come by and post more often! That's okay :D Minor edits are okay and if you stick around haha I'm sure you'll get to know everyone here :D and meet new people too! Also haha I did see you at the OX Quiz event and you were smiling but I wasn't sure why till I saw your post. :D Sorry about that (hope you weren't talking to me cause I had names off and I wasn't paying attention to chat).

    @Goryou Very adorable and I love the matching glowing of the bracelet and the moon. I hope you can find your dye color soon D: Hopefully a gach spits them out or something. I never thought about the Rhetoi being a mage outfit but that's very awesome to see. :D Love the outside the box thinking!

    @Kitsuyasha Thank you for your entry! Glad to see you again haha. Awesome outfit, I didn't think the female version seemed very winter like but the male one definitely fits it :D Also thank you for pointing out this thread to Yamiofnight :D

    @Aliah Oh no that's okay :D I was actually going back through the first pages and remembered you posting and wondered if you would come back :D I'm glad you did! I'd love to see your contest entry even if its for fun :D Congrats on the Chillin' Urban Outfit, its definitely one of my favorites and love that you paired up after school shoes with it. Also love that you're incorporating bags into your wardrobe, I have so many but I haven't used any with my outfits recently haha oops. :D I hope you do get the rollerskates or the skateboard, I only have the skates but I've seen the skateboard and they're both super fun to have. Scooters are awesome too haha :D Aw I'll have to check out that place with the Raccoon, I usually just take it near the Hammer place or something. I do like the balloons and kiosk in the background :D Definitely adds to the kid theme. :D I'm sure there's a jacket like that, I have one that actually looks similar minus the fur part at the top and it is very comfy and warm though little bulky haha and its okay LOL forums can be little wonky sometimes and oh gosh hope this wasn't too long a reply D:

    @Nevine You're welcome and thank you! :D The Flame Rider looks really gorgeous in your blue and older outfits are always nice since you don't see them alot :D Haha you both look good :D

    Hi, I’m glad the gach re-released this set. I actually wanted to get one for awhile but put it off cause I was saving for other things. I love the idle it gives and the design of the outfit. I really like the fan animation that it gives haha. Don’t mind my silly chickens LOL. I also took a picture while Milk was afk :D Love the new outfit Milk got, I think its the Robe Version cause it didn’t have a pose and the front is closed. I could be wrong, I’ll ask next time I see Milk :D




    Outfit: Theatrical Troupe Outfit (F)
    Headpiece: Nekone’s Wig
    Shoes: Lisbeth Boots
    Gloves: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Accessories: Pink Twinkling Cupid Wings
  • AerenAeren
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,565
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    edited February 21, 2017


    Outfit: Traditional Elf Wedding Dress (F)
    Headpiece: Phoenix Ear Muffs
    Hands: Bohemian Flower Band (F)
    Shoes: Traditional Elf Wedding Sandals
    Robe: Holy Guardian Angel Wings

    One of my favorite sets. I remember slaving for this on Doki Doki. XD
  • TreepTreep
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,930
    Posts: 66
    Harvest Moon cosplay~ :D

    and ty with help from waifu who was pet cow and sheep <3

  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,055
    Posts: 302
    edited February 22, 2017
    @Aeren Love it and me too :D I like all the wedding dresses actually haha I was thrilled they made them permanent and slaved for them too! Very lovely shade of blue :D

    @Treep That is the best :D Love Harvest moon and love this cosplay haha :D Yay farm animals.

    Hi, I meant to post this last night but I fell asleep haha. This is the Otherworldly Hanbok Dress (F). I wasn’t sure if I was gonna get it till I saw someone post a picture of it on the Mabinogi forums. I actually didn’t expect to get it so soon LOL so I used the tin pot from hot time. The seller was cool, he included the set gloves which I had been looking for but I haven’t seen anywhere (Sorry to the person who was also offering on the dress). Its really cute when small but I hate that its hard to see the details so I ran Alby Adv looking for Tiro for an age pot. Of course after I used the age pot LOL didn’t seem as cute anymore but at least can see the details better. I took pictures when small just in case (glad I did), have more on my tumblr.. Some notes for anyone looking to get one:

    - The Kite included when doing the Idle does NOT change after you dye the outfit, it is color lock. I was lucky mine came out pink (I’ve seen a couple with the same color kite as mine but I’ve also seen an orange x black version).

    - The gold parts are not dyeable and neither is the red gem on the front bow. There is also 3 dyeable parts which is the frills/socks/top part of the dress and the bow on the back, the ribbons on the front and the small bow on the back, and the main part of the dress.

    Okay think that’s all LOL for the gloves, only one part is dyeable and the middle part changes to a darker shade to whatever color you use. I also have the hat and shoes, don’t like the hat though cause it looks like it smushes my head and the shoes I haven’t finished dyeing so I wasn’t wearing them. It took awhile to figure out how I wanted to dye the outfit. Usually I like having the biggest part pink but when I dyed it a lighter shade, the little flower blossoms on the dress disappeared. So I decided to go with brown instead and very happy how it turned out. I also ran into Milk in Belvast last night and love how the new male wig looks. :D If anyone is selling the non eyepatch* version, Milk is looking for it!



  • RokaRoka
    Mabinogi Rep: 560
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    edited February 24, 2017

    Butler: "im not watson im einstein wtf"

    I finally sold my stuff for a Detective Outfit :^)

  • BleuieBleuie
    Mabinogi Rep: 970
    Posts: 18
    I think I'm overdue posting here again, it's been a while (whoopsie!). ;3
    I'm glad to see the thread's continued onto the new forums though! <3 I really love coming here and seeing how everyone coordinates outfits and colors.~

    Today I decided to try doing something different with my favorite dress in the game (still~ the idle and design are just too cute (´。• ᵕ •。`)), the Elegant Hanbok, as opposed to throwing on the clothes I usually pair with it, and ended up really liking it!


    Reaching for flowers instead of lace and frills for once really made for an angelical look I think!

    Hat: Winter Princess Coronet
    Torso: Elegant Hanbok (F)
    Gloves: Winter Princess Gloves
    Shoes: Japanese Sandals
    Robe: White Angel Wings

    See you around!
  • ShoogShoog
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,535
    Posts: 883
    Finally decided to put this Rurutie tail to use that I got from gacha a while back.


    Headgear: Wiggling Kitsune Headband
    Body: Ruffled Halter Slipdress
    Handgear: Bunny Parka Bracelets
    Footwear: Slippers
    Tail: Fluffy Rurutie Tail

    I love all the fashion everyone has been posting!! <3
  • YooniYooni
    Mabinogi Rep: 580
    Posts: 7
    edited February 25, 2017
    I've wanted the Theatrical Troupe costume for years, and I'm so happy I finally got it~ :D (Also everyone's outfits are so cuteeeee)


    Headgear: Shamaness Hair Band
    Body: Theatrical Troupe Outfit
    Handgear: Ranger Gloves
    Footwear: Shamaness Shoes
    Robe: Heart Wings
  • NevineNevine
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,110
    Posts: 129
    edited February 26, 2017
    I actually changed shortly after I posted that last pic into this one that I put together, I just keep forgetting how many days I should wait in between posting ^^;


    Been hoping to get some of those pretty new outfits .... but my luck with this gacha has been terrible xD
  • TreepTreep
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,930
    Posts: 66
    Shakespeare cosplay~ (wish I had that art contest hat. . .)

    When you thought you were home, but you're just stuck between both planes~



    Head:Meryl Wig
    Body:Shylock Suit
    Shoes:Pirate crewman
    Weapon: Quill pen ;) (Fox tail wand)
  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,055
    Posts: 302
    @Roka Congrats on the Detective Outfit! :D Also awesome partner haha.

    @Bleuie Hi, good to see you're back and its okay if been awhile ^^ Thank you, I'm glad that there's people who wanted the thread to come back and agree with seeing how everyone coordinates outfits and colors they use :D That's awesome that you did something different with your favorite dress, its very lovely. ^^ Love the theme of flowers.

    @Shoog Very cute, the tail looks super fluffy and love the colors you dyed the slipdress. :D Also agree, love the fashion everyone is posting!

    @Yooni Hello welcome! ^^ Congrats on the Theatrical Troupe, very cute in your pastel colors.

    @Nevine Haha its okay and you can post every day if you like, will just ran out of outfits like me LOL. Love the outfit, very gorgeous and love how you dyed the boots so that it matches the patterns on the outfit. :D Also aw, just means hopefully the next gach is more friendly to you :D

    @Treep Love the cosplay, it looks really good :D Very clever with the use of the Foxtail Wand as the Quill pen :D

    Hi, I never realized how gorgeous this dress until I got it haha. Since the gach lowered the price, I was going to get one but glad I waited because a good friend gached it and gave it to me. Love the idle pose it has, so elegant haha. I also brought the Frozen Heart Staff, its dyeable with normal dyes the heart and the thorns while the metal part is metal dye dyeable. The balloon accessory however is not. I also took a picture with Milk who got the Martello Wig without the eyepatch which looks really awesome.



    Outfit: Elegant Hanbok Outfit (F)
    Headpiece: Enchanted Bride’s Wig
    Shoes: Macaroon Mistress Shoes
    Gloves: Femme Marble Bracelet (F)
    Accessories: Pink Diamond Wings, Frozen Heart Staff, Frozen Heart Balloon

    Also less than a week till the Winter Outfit Screenshot Contest ends. If someone needs more time, let me know but it will be ending 3/5 11:59 pm pst / 2:59am est so enter if you like! ^^
  • CinnabunCinnabun
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,430
    Posts: 61
    Hello I'm back :) So I got the Otherworldly Hanbok recently and only just got it dyed a few days ago. I also took the chance to test out how the untradeable wings from eweca looked and considering that I'm not too much of a fan of cupids I wasn't expecting much. But it actually looks pretty nice with this outfit.


    Head:Waffle Witch Wig
    Body:Otherworldly Hanbok Dress(F)
    Shoes:Crinoline Shoes
    Accessories: Two-tone Cupid Wings. Fluffy Fox Tail
  • BleuieBleuie
    Mabinogi Rep: 970
    Posts: 18
    edited February 27, 2017
    @Cinnabun Your wings look amazing! <3 Congrats on the hanbok~

    @LittleCeci Congrats Cx I love the way you arranged the outfit <3

    Today I was about to afk to go take care of some assignments, buuut Yukariko ran up to me and coordinated matching outfits. Thought I'd share <33

    (Sorry about the image quality!)

    Hat: Large Ribbon
    Torso: Frilly Ribbon Bustier
    Gloves: Bunny Parker Bracelets:
    Shoes: Brilluen Bootie Heels
    Robe: White Cupid Wings

  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,055
    Posts: 302
    edited February 28, 2017
    @Cinnabun :D Hello welcome back and congrats on the Otherworldly Hanbok and the Two-Tone cupids. Love the outfit, they look really good! I especially like how its kind of gradient on the wings. Hoping I can gach a pair out of Eweca some time.

    @Bleuie Thank you and thank you haha <3 I've seen so many combinations with this outfit, hope I did it some justice ^^ Also super adorable, you both look great!

    Hello, so I was actually unsure how I wanted to dye this outfit (thank you to an awesome friend for giving me their extra <3 ) but Milk was super awesome and went on simulator to take pictures of two versions of how the outfit would look and decided with the coat being brown while the middle part and stockings would be pink. Love how it came out and i used the Atui’s Idle pose for the pictures. Since the Huw’s outfit comes with a watch, I used the Assistant Teacher Jeweled Wristwatch to kind of match (that and my puppet theater gloves colors don’t match the outfit LOL). Also took the pictures beside his workshop where one of the signs that has a puppet on it.



    Outfit: Puppet Theater Outfit (Atui’s Idle Pose)
    Headpiece: Brilluen Wig
    Shoes: Lisbeth Boots
    Gloves: Assistant Teacher Jeweled Wristwatch
    Accessories: Pink Diamond Wings
  • AnemkiAnemki
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    edited February 28, 2017
    Finally decided to participate in the Winter Screenshot contest! Glad I'm not late!




    I understand that you said it was difficult to limit us from using Winter/Snowflake named items because lets face it, there's so many winter themed outfits with that in the name! However, I did try my best to be creative and think outside the box with named outfits, but trying to keep something that is winter related as well!

    I also felt a typical place would be Physis but I usually take my screenshots there quite often, so I snuck in Darvy's homestead! ❤

    I went with the Sheep Sonata outfit because it still has a warm looking jacket, with fur trim, and I felt it is quite fitting for the winter season. Who doesn't think wool is warm for the weather! In addition to that, sure, I used the headband too, but the furry earmuffs work well since this sort of season is perfect for them! Though, I didn't quite care for the shoes for this set so I used the Nekone shoes instead, and I felt they worked well with the ankle warmers over the knee socks. Unfortunately the outfit has a small skirt, but there's only so much I can do considering there's lots of outfits, including winter themed that have short skirts and knee socks. The outfit also includes a cute little jingle bell on the bow! My favourite thing about this outfit though, is the sheephead shaped fanny pack! It's so perfect to put little things you might need in there, like gloves if you need to take them off, or especially in the winter time when you need your chapstick for the cold, just toss some in your fanny pack! I also went out of my way and tried to avoid Snowflake/Winter named gloves as well, and went with super simple SAO Gloves since they are white, match, and give coverage for your hands in the colder season!
    I also love going with earth tones and tans nowadays because it just blends well with white or teal imo, and it's nice for this sort of theme as well.

    Head: Sheep Sonata Headband (F)
    Body: Sheep Sonata Outfit (F)
    Gloves: Lisbeth SAO Gloves
    Shoes: Nekone's Shoes

    Anemki | Mari (:
  • CarlizeCarlize
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,830
    Posts: 190
    Hello from Ruairi!
    I failed at getting the Caraseks bag so many times I became the big red X. @_@
    Also, Macha. Because I learned blacksmithing from Ferghus, apparently. :D


    Outfit: Lisbeth SAO Outfit
    Headpiece: Royal Rose Hairband
    Shoes: Nekone's Shoes
    Gloves: Lisbeth SAO Gloves
    Accessories: Scarlet Axia Wings, Macha Flying Puppet, Fluffy Fox Tail
  • AerenAeren
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,565
    Posts: 53

    Outfit: Daby Scots Plaid Wear (F)
    Headpiece: Bat Hat
    Shoes: Eirawen Shoes
    Hand: Terks’ Open-Finger Gloves
    Robe: Yellow Angel Wings

    I haven't worn this piece in a long time and I remember this being my favorite back when Iria was new (and before my 4 year long hiatus). I remembered saving up for it when Fleta first came out. :3

    I just love how the Bat Hat fit the plaid wear.

    I also remember the main jacket originally dyed brown when I first bought it. It was a time when you'd be sitting waiting for Fleta, waiting for the colors to change everyday since dye was still too expensive and rare. I think the plaid already was blue back then. I loved the original color, though when I returned from hiatus -- I realized I can get any color I want at a reasonable price. Thus, everything is blue. :3

    This outfit brings back good memories. :3
  • MabiKillerMabiKiller
    Mabinogi Rep: 550
    Posts: 8
    Everyone is is picking fashion that is too mainstream. We are here to change up the fashion line up.