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  • I second all of this.
  • I was also wondering this myself while hoping that it is the case. Otherwise, it seems like it would be quite the waste to spend 500 melodies on each event missed.
  • I understand. I absolutely despise the gatcha system and always have. I dislike it in every game and believe it SHOULD be eradicated because the industry, in general, can do better. I also understand the sentiments of FayeKaiba and the like as it…
  • Gunna repost something I said in a previous thread. I would like to see the current 'Guild Rooms" or whatever replaced with something equivalent to a Guild Homestead. Let all the other Guildies connect their homestead in some fashion to it and sh…
  • Sebastian wrote: » We already are a test server. /s For Gatcha Sale Statistics? They sure as hell are not fixing the majority of long-standing issues after all.
  • That, and whenever they do events like these coin ones, offer more ways to obtain said coins besides just sitting around and running the same old shadow missions day in and day out... and better yet, don't lock the biggest and best prizes exclusivel…
  • . Calibry wrote: » Support. It shouldn't cost 20m to wear glasses with a hat when regular glasses go for 100k. It just shouldn't. You are damn right on that one
  • Just gunna drop this here.
  • Greta wrote: » One Erinn day is like what... 36 minutes? Are you telling that 36 minutes is enough for you to get so salty at this whole game and make you about to quit? I have waited like 4 hours once or twice for her to spawn and i didn't get an…
  • Greta wrote: » This is the level if EA's greed. Instead of updating old items they better make same "new" ones to continue to cash grab people. Disgusting. Yes... Yes it is. I keep saying it over and over again. I love this game. I truly do.…
  • nomigid15 wrote: » Sherri wrote: » Also, with that one gacha with those spears, there should be a spear class.. or maybe even a rapier class (Looking at you, Maike). http:…
  • I don't know, that seems like it might be "reasonable" or something.
  • A fair point on the surface at least but the title is a little bit misleading since the event was not really 'Broken' per se. I personally was not too invested in that one, but I understand your point well enough.
  • Give me a mini Shamala that transforms into her panther form any time you use the transformation skill.
  • Considering the currently implemented catch-up mechanics for quick leveling from 1-5000 I would agree that the addition of a Card within the 10k range would at least be nice, or the tweaking of the current cards available. With how fast you can g…
  • I would like to see the current 'Guild Rooms" or whatever replaced with something equivalent to a Guild Homestead. Let all the other Guildies connect their homestead in some fashion to it and share various benefits in this manner across both guild a…
  • Helsa wrote: » If you run the game in windowed mode couldn't you stretch the game window to spread over two monitors? You can. Now imagine how the in-game camera works. Where does it focus? Right on the character itself. You stretch the wind…
  • I suppose the problem would be the way they handle clothing in-game. Does it not replace the character's body type? Though you can adjust several things already with how much food you take in... What if they revamped the whole dieting system in-g…
  • Hmm... Yes. Most definitely yes.
  • Hisahime wrote: » Seems the consensus here for the most part is giants are so OP in terms of damage dealing that the other two races are getting overshadowed. They can do a lot of damage, tank, and technically have the second-highest movement s…