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    Gunna repost something I said in a previous thread.

    I would like to see the current 'Guild Rooms" or whatever replaced with something equivalent to a Guild Homestead. Let all the other Guildies connect their homestead in some fashion to it and share various benefits in this manner across both guild and homesteads. Kinda like fiefs I suppose.

    Hey, why not have a wagon/carriage there to take you directly to other guild members' homesteads and something similar players can place in their homestead to go straight to the Guild Manor/Castle/Land.

    That, and whenever they do events like these coin ones, offer more ways to obtain said coins besides just sitting around and running the same old shadow missions day in and day out... and better yet, don't lock the biggest and best prizes exclusively behind Gatcha mechanics. How many people manage to get those titles and weapons from the g23 event?

    Instead of saving the coins and either using them on something useful that you cannot otherwise get except on the cash shop (also scummy) or using them on the one big prize you want, you sacrifice all to chance where it matters not if you use 2500 coins or 25... your effort means nothing for these events. At least with this Street Magician One you can get everything with tickets you could otherwise get with chance.

    Maybe I am just salty because I don't get a cool lightning effect cosmetic title... Maybe I am just salty because I REALLY HATE GATCHAS! But either way these events are usually really uninspired.
  • can you please get rid of Rua's random time table?

    Greta wrote: »
    One Erinn day is like what... 36 minutes? Are you telling that 36 minutes is enough for you to get so salty at this whole game and make you about to quit? I have waited like 4 hours once or twice for her to spawn and i didn't get anywhere close to being angry. Was doing Chain Slash quests and her spawns were very inconvienient for me. Had to turn on pc and log in faster just after work so i could be able to talk to her because if i didn't i would have needed to wait for like another 2-3 hours again but it was already late in my time zone. So yup...

    Same. Got annoyed at times, especially when my real-life schedule screwed me over and made the waits that much longer... one of the reasons I finished her questline. But yeah... that is just the nature of her mechanics, story and all.
  • Let us use existing glasses as Face Accessories

    Greta wrote: »
    This is the level if EA's greed. Instead of updating old items they better make same "new" ones to continue to cash grab people. Disgusting.

    Yes... Yes it is.

    I keep saying it over and over again. I love this game. I truly do. No one does it like Mabi...

    But Gatcha's HAVE to die. The sooner, the better.
  • Make Humans Unique Again

    nomigid15 wrote: »
    Sherri wrote: »
    Also, with that one gacha with those spears, there should be a spear class.. or maybe even a rapier class (Looking at you, Maike).

    Note: Only one of those is a new talent.
    *Revamp Weapon types. Make Dagger Mastery its own thing and have it use Dex as a modifier. Maybe Scythe Mastery and Katana Mastery too. Give every weapon type 1-2 of their own unique skills and give each race a couple of their own skills based around these weapons. While we are at it, long term speaking here... add more weapons; Spears, Rifles, Canons, Glaives, Polearms etc. I imagine if you do all that some weapons should have some skills specific to each race, yeah?

    *Make some more unique weapons like the Mana Knuckles. Maybe make certain ones unique to certain races? IE: Elves could have some kinda fancy Harp Bow. Humans something like a Gunblade. Giants?.... give them the aforementioned Cannon or something. More weapons that can make interesting combinations of talents

    Quoting myself there, but I would love to see new talents or at least new weapon exclusive skills. Spears have been a thing forever for at least as far as enemies are concerned... you would think if skeletons were able to work out their construction, the local smiths would too.
    Sherri wrote: »
    As for elves..
    It just annoys me that every time somebody says elf, the first thing to mind is archery.
    Archery this, archery that.
    I flipping HATE archery. I'm an elf for M A G I C.

    I like Archery well enough, but I understand your gripes at least. It would be cool if Rapiers could get an elf-exclusive off-hand like a *focus* that maybe worked like an off-hand wand so Elves could go all red-mage... Or just make a spell-blade talent and do something similar.