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  • Will the 2x rewards from the royal academy crystals stack with this event?
  • I've heard that the fishing spot by the bridge is a no-go. You want to fish here: That's where I and a few others have caught one.
  • Howdo wrote: » I try to click on fellow players ad/signs but it says "no adequate item exists". How do I enter the game? If you've been online for 30mins or more, you should have an item in your inventory called Paper Flip Folding Instructions.…
  • Terek wrote: » i've been having a problem with this. Seems no matter what music skill i use, it's not counting at all towards the quest progress. Even when i use the music skill in tandem with something else. I'm rather confused. Is this a bug, or…
  • Thank you for everything, Kyrios! Your professionalism was honestly a breath of fresh air. I really enjoyed having you as a stand-in CM and I wish you success in your future endeavors.
  • I chose to share one of my best and earliest mabi memories! Ign: Fairyvoice Server: Alexina A lone elf stood on the dock in Tir Chonaill, humming to herself as she whiled away the minutes training her newly obtained fishing skill. “Hello…
  • Thanks so much!! I really enjoyed seeing everyone's entries!
  • This was a blast! Thank you for the opportunity My sister and I bonded over a fun day at the beach! We arrived bright and early and watched the beautiful colors of the sunrise over the water. By the afternoon, Palala was shining as hot as e…
  • Where's the option for "I'm hopelessly addicted please send help-" Uh, I definitely stick around for events. Totally.
  • Yaranaika wrote: » Rip, so no doki doki this year. I wanted to do the cute dancing game too. I wouldn't rule it out just yet. The post here and on the website itself say valentine's day events (plural) so we're likely to get something else in t…
  • KousukeKira wrote: » How come I can't pick up pages at Baltane? Even if I have the quest, I can only pick up one page and after that it always tells me the item doesn't belong to me. No idea how I'm supposed to gather 10. The droprate is also w…
  • Certain items can't be listed in the AH. If it's unintended, like in this case, then it has to be brought to Nexon's attention so they can fix it. No, the lovely version doesn't have a pose, it's just that the lively version can't be listed at the m…
  • 3k coins and 120 spins later, I ended up with 80 full restore potions and 40 rusty hammers. Not a single prize of rank 4 or lower. What's the deal with that? And why are the items in the far darrig shop untradeable? I could have made a decent amount…
  • I had enough nx leftover from the Re:zero event to buy 2 boxes. I got a Cosmic Stallion in the first and a Ceraunus in the second.
  • Alshian wrote: » When it said: 10 sky lanterns to give per day does it mean ingame day or real day? Would like to make use of those training seals to get Hillwen engineering to rank1 if its ingame day. It's one skill training seal per npc (f…
  • Hi. I filled out your survey, but I wanted to bring to your attention that everyone's results are likely going to be skewed. Certain categories are not ranked separately when they should be in order to collect information as accurately as possible. …
  • Fluorette wrote: » I believe that novel would be
  • GTCvActium wrote: » Well he actually could be healed by becoming a Dark Knight. The DK "armor" is described as something similar in nature to the symbiote from Spider-man and merging with it grants you super human abilities and restores/heals an…
  • I believe the item you're looking for is the Halloween Vampire Studio Set from the 2017 halloween event. It's a chair that looks like this:
  • Bakujio wrote: » So uh......just got the new throne from this event and i just cant dye the men... -snip- I tried regular and metal dye amps, and yup...nothing works to change their color Hey, you're lucky to get blue!…