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  • ... I agree it does seem misleading. I just purchased some reforges, a fair amount with 0 success ranking up/anything worthwhile. You just sort of assume when the sales start the event is at the same time, so that's pretty much money gone to waste s…
  • I'm running on an i7 16gb ram w10 too, and the memory crashes are only escalating recently, never use to have these problems.
  • I feel like the people trying to exploit this bug are the ones saying to close it, they know if this gets too big they wont have any fun with the glitch. And im all fer some good debates, good to hear both sides.
  • Everyones so passionate
  • Craftycrabs wrote: » My guild wanted to join, but the guild that keeps winning has been paying people off in various ways to help them win from what I've heard My guildies put in the money to participate because it looks fun, but idk if we're eve…
  • If this isn't solved I feel like participating guilds are going to begin kicking members, and become suspicious of one another. Which would take all of the fun out of the battles. Waiting a week til the battles a long time, and not something you wan…
  • Dont forget the chicken pet, and some herb pets would be nice :}
  • I'd be all for the idea! You only realize the skillset at the end of the game you want Maybe if theres a elve revamp like the giant one we could get an opportunity?????