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  • Homestead expansions finally getting discounted... after I'd already decided I'm not spending another cent on Nexon after a few too many unhelpful support tickets. Yeah no boooo
  • Create your own socially-distanced wedding with a gathering of at most 10 people Also - great, like there aren't enough piles of alts afking around dunby already
  • Habimaru wrote: » I mean no offense but, considering how much latency your own connection gets, that example actually really sounds more like someone using «displacement» or knowingly using the knowledge of your not-so-lagless connection in order …
  • I've seen a lagless player pull it off repeatedly and consistently. We were hunting ancients in Iria and one of them dropped a crossbow, so this particular player picked it up and showed me how it works. They were able to kill mobs far into the d…
  • Okay it sounds silly but just try this: keep spam talking to the NPC that is demanding you to summon a pet. They've apparently implemented a way for the NPC (Dilys and later on Andras for the eagle) to detect that you have no whistles and no pets, a…
  • Psh, it would be great if all returning events came back with the unused remaining balance from last time. I had odd numbers of summer coins and vacation coins that I couldn't buy anything with and those were just deleted. Why even delete them? J…
  • The EXP gained is based on how much EXP it would take to get to 100% at your current level. Since higher levels cost more exp, 100% of the exp required at lower levels will only fill subsequent bars less and less the higher you go. It takes 400ex…
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Why do we need higher stacks of dead bees? Inflation I would still like Fireball/AR/Ice Spear/etc pages to be stackable someday, but the current stacking update is a huge relief as it is.
  • Composing rank 1 allows 1200 characters for the melody, 800 for harmony 1 and 500 for harmony 2. You have 2090 for the melody, 1692 for harmony 1 and 2649 for harmony 2. Even if you rearranged the order of the tracks it looks like you'll still…
  • Sherri wrote: » but.. but.. i like stacky cake... its memory match that gets me riled up Yea I don't bother with beach memory match I can do it, I played it daily during the candy event... but for some reason it's extra slow and laggy on th…
  • When I saw my clovers stacking I immediately went to check if they'd implemented
  • I've noticed that if you have this quest and Teine's event quest at the same time, the crafting will progress for Teine and not for the skill storyline. So much for trying to hit two birds with one stone... If "Cook food using Fynn Crafting" isn'…
  • Yea the naming convention for Homestead items usually has "Homestead" as the first word, so if you saw the name in the Master Plan calendar it's quite reasonable to think it's something that goes in your Homestead. Note that the actual chair does…
  • Dammit Negu I believed that post 100% without questioning it It's been 11 years, I should know by now that nothing Nexon writes is true
  • This bug happens every time we have this event format but no one has been able to figure out how to replicate it 100% so it never gets fixed uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Edit - Bonus issue: The "Have a pet summoned for 30 min" challenge s…
  • fountains fountains fountains
  • Keiyoma wrote: » For whatever reason, you're punished for disconnecting/crashing by having some of your trade goods nicked, which for me means I've been handed an immediate loss of Ducats and the trip is now pointless. Unfortunately, this is an…
  • This thread is from 2017 @Luarious It was not broken at the time this was posted and during my reply. The picture I posted is no longer uploaded, but it contained a successful completion of the exact PTJ the OP was trying to do. The OP obviously …
  • The box looks like cancer so I'm not touching that. BUT I see a pet and some nice guaranteed homestead stuff so i reckon this is all right. I wanna see what a row of those fountains will look like.