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  • Kinda dying inside knowing magic is going to be pretty amazing only because of this tech, but also knowing if I am going to get that good with magic, Id have to face head on with Nexon's abysmal rng with unlimited chance of "what if" to unlimited no…
  • Reforges on gear and echostones don't stack, instead the game will make use of the highest lvl reforge. If its 20 smash on weapon then it will use the weapon over the echostone that also have 20 smash unless its the other way around it will only …
  • Ah yes....Magic damage, quite the luxury to have reached heights by paying blood and limbs for. Alas even with putting yourself through endless unstable flooring hell that can just gave out at any time you test your luck back to square one questioni…
  • The reason Nascent Divinity is the weakest transformation in the game is because it took away your use of skills, ALL of them. Your only left with so few lackluster skills to work with while your original form out preforms it. Nascent Divinity…
  • Mysterious reforges exist in KR servers but NA does not, this pretty much forces us to pay money for reforges which is the main way to get them besides events. Don't know if this was by "accident" or with intent to get you to pay a lot more for r…
  • After typing this out of context thing about quality of life, I copied and paste this into suggestions while adding a tiny bit more and hopefully enough players feel the same way.
  • Puppet snare need a buff as well as many puppet skills and puppeteer in general. I noticed for the longest time that I don't see anyone using puppets seriously for reasons, and headstrong on meta talents which left the shadowed talents in the dus…
  • I think its fantastic for a tiny person like me. Who wouldn't like having a home that flies!
  • Dradgas wrote: » Sebastian wrote: » Dradgas wrote: » I can only speak as someone from the states so the values might change from country to country. But I personally don't really see a graphical update for Mabinogi being a bad idea at all, we …
  • Its a shame that people are already spent on buying the Corgi pets so throwing this reforge event at them is a misfire which is likely intended due to this event being a "good deal" seemingly getting more from this event. Even with the discount i…
  • Wow! Amazing graphics! -logs in- Reality is pretty disappointing huh? Its quite laughable that even the Korean audience are tilted by this trailer...calling Nexon out that this is indeed not "Mabinogi".
  • Restoring "Accidental" special upgrading would be unfair, and could be exploited with a lie of "Accidentally" picking the wrong weapon to upgrade giving them a 2nd chance to prob attempt it again on the same "Accidental" weapon. So unless they re…
  • I could only guess the Ace talent would be Summoner or Sorcerer.
  • JasJMJ wrote: » Alshian wrote: » Sorry for your loss buddy but if they help you, then they would have to help LOTS of skippers who don't read. Going to have to make do with your loss sadly. A real more careful next time to avoid th…
  • Sorry for your loss buddy but if they help you, then they would have to help LOTS of skippers who don't read. Going to have to make do with your loss sadly. A real more careful next time to avoid this happening again and a warning for …
  • Lol they kinda do but I still find Kupas cute Just the way they walk with those tiny legs is sooooo cute >w
    in Its Time Comment by Alshian July 8
  • Oh man G21 again? When will it end when they realized they need to use Mana shield with enough Int/magic attack that Hasidim is a serious joke of a mob XD Although I guess Mana shield won't save the NPCs rip. But yea come back when your strong…
  • AR may not be too great but its an alright skill for human archers till your forced into going for better options like Lance, Knuckles, Divine blade, chainblade, shuriken, and maybe even magic although for humans is mostly just final hit, oh as well…
    in Arrow Revolver Comment by Alshian July 4
  • hehe me with my crazy idea here would be awesome if these commerce wagons have some cannons for others to ride with you as they blow up any "trouble" on the way.