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October 1, 1996


  • I thought easter eggs are supposed to reference something outside of game? I don't count that as easter egg, just a cool dialog.
  • I still think Kupa ones would have been cuter as plushies. But whatever, if the shipping price is higher than actual items price, no point in trying to get one.
  • Oof. Half of player base will be punished i guess...
  • Adeno wrote: » Just wanted to chime in. Be careful when buying anything on Ebay, Wish, or even Amazon. They are usually sold by third party sellers and not real legitimate shops, so you never know if you're actually getting the authentic item. …
  • Adeno wrote: » Mine was definitely Windmill I specifically trained Windmill because at the time (2008/2009) it was the most useful skill for a warrior type like me. It used to drain your health each time you used it, so I normally cleared dungeon…
  • Where can i get this?????????
  • Remember times when we didn't have free repair/x2 training exp for 6 months in total in one year? Yeah...
  • YAS! Llywelyn fangirls (and fanboys as well) unite!
  • Doki Doki Island is literally the next meme right under (Alexina) Server Merge. It's like nothing else matters, people want to afk all weeks on that UwU Island, other afk events are garbage.
  • Crimsọn wrote: » You should post each piece of art as a comment so I can like what -I- think is good. I'm imagining things or this is not the first time i see your passive aggressiveness towards Mabinogi Art Community?
  • Fluorette wrote: » u_u When something sounds too good to be true... Yuuup. Here's someone else's left feedback on this "fix" with visual proof of what i was getting which stopped me from logging in for straight 15 minutes. https://foru…
  • ^ THIS. I thought i was the only one annoyed by that. This "fix" doesn't help at all! It even takes more time for me to log in now.
  • Fluorette wrote: » el Patch Notes wrote: Fixed an issue where a disconnection error would ask players to reset their secondary password. Have our prayers been answered? Has the eternal eclipse passed? No but really, can someone confirm if …
  • Crimsọn wrote: » If you have suggestions for mitigating inflation you should start another suggestions thread. Thank you. You are welcome. In conclusion, this game is not ready to let people freely store any amount of gold in their banks …
  • Nexon should stop making free repair events which go for months on end first, then stop giving away 5m-100m checks in their events as well. Then MAYBE inflation wouldn't be as bad. But Nexon doesn't care i see, they should take example from Runescap…
  • As long as it's free it's good enough for me. We had a chance - cool. 99% of playerbase didn't get biggest prize? - cool. In the end, i still got something. A corgi chair, some outfits, platinum and crystal hammers, etc. They all were free, so …
  • YellowBin wrote: » The wings aren't even that op, there are other sources of attack speed. They already gave out erg 35 something that easily costs 200m+ if your rng gets really bad. But they are gacha ones right?
  • Ah yes, extend the event so every person can have these op wings. Hand us final prize on silver platter.
  • Man this hurts to read. 14k ttl player for over 4 years (most likely more) and still doesn't know what's up.
  • Leinei wrote: » Kensamaofmari wrote: » It's a little late but i didn't even know there was bingo. It's part of the event that begins tomorrow, so it hasn't begun yet. XD That's Kensa for you, either notices event when it already ends or th…