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January 1, 1900


  • Are you blind, there's literally a mentioning of Gunslinger, Puppeteer and Ninja rework. Also like Negumiko said, Iria Commerce that sounds so unreal and amazing. Isn't that enough for you? They are getting at it and i'm sure they will continue to p…
  • Good point. I support this.
  • Can confirm this. My sewing patterns which came from Desperate Designer Event are all broken. It just says sewing pattern and that's all. Then i looked over other pattern like Tribal Bird Robe which came out years ago and it seems like it looks tota…
  • Crimsọn wrote: » Hey Habi, I know who you are. Cringe lord right?
  • Most likely they won't do this, because it will kill the whole point of getting special/non-special gacha outfits. Yeah, that sucks and i know it's also scummy.
  • 1 week until the game becomes literally unplayable. Imagine like 3 server wide population trying to do raids with only 10 channels lmao.
  • I'm probably the minority here, but these news literally made me upset to the point i'm thinking about quitting Mabinogi for real now. I don't need this merge, i'm not into mood getting botched names and other crap that might break after merge. P…
  • Kinda weird event to bring back, i agree on that. Guess another chance to get even more disappointed for not keeping wings again lol.
  • I literally logged in just to make you people stop whatever you have been doing lately. But who i'm kidding, you people never stopped and never will. I did and believe me that was probably best decision i did last year.
  • Like there are same two or maybe more individuals who keep repeating same offense over and over again, which is derailment most of the time, but also literally even dare to grasp sensitive topics such as politics in a freaking game forums. And it ha…
  • Crimsọn wrote: » Greta wrote: » It's not about Vima, it's about all of you who even bother going your way to argue and write walls of text over a half-dead anime game in totally dead forums. But you used to write walls of text... Anyway I us…
  • It's not about Vima, it's about all of you who even bother going your way to argue and write walls of text over a half-dead anime game in totally dead forums.
  • Crimsọn wrote: » People are keeping Google docs on other people's behavior. Seriously are people still bleeping doing that today? It's completely and utterly asinine. It might as well be your death note of teenage angst that you write in while lis…
  • You people need to go outside and touch some grass or something.
  • Seems like Crimsy is living under a rock or something... Yes, after March 17th we will no longer have to click our way with secondary passwords, instead it's gonna be authentication apps or SMS confirmation as a new log in "safety" measure. So far …
  • Musicat wrote: » May everyone enjoy this winter and the events. Too bad because that's not going to happen, especially to Netherland players
  • I feel sorry for Netherland players, this is just too ridiculous. How is this even legal is baffling to me. Some players spent money on this game and now this is how they get appreciated in the end. I suggest just dropping this game. It's already b…
  • The merge will not fix low population issue. This was just proven after last merge.