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December 17, 1900
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Blessed Wind, Reinforce
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Reinforce @ Nao | REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
  • Enough with these expire age pots

    I basically toss out anything that expires, unless it's REALLY useful. Or something I can use at that very moment, like a name color change pot.

    Got tired of having stuff expire on me because I forgot to use them. If there was an early warning feature, maybe things would be different.
  • It's been a long time

    If you do quit and end up coming back some time in the future. I'll still be here, even if everyone else disappears. Be sure to say hi to me.

    GretaRadiant Dawn
  • Kaban's Item Bag and Kyururu's Item Bag

    TNinja wrote: »
    Can you, like. Trade or transfer the bags to a different character?
    I kind of DON'T have space.

    Sounds like you need a bag bag.
  • Public Serval Announcement

    Greta wrote: »
    Shakaya wrote: »
    I originally didn't get excited about this crossover, but I was curious about the anime and checked it out, and I think it's really cute. I don't really care for dressing my pixels up like a furry, but the pets, mini-gems, chairs, and bags are nice imo. And the horribly animated gesture cards make me chuckle.

    This anime's animation style is so bad that it's good imo :D

    Also since a lot of people seem to not care about this crossover, the gacha items that caught my attention are fairly cheap on the auction house. It's nice to finally be able to afford stuff I like, 'cuz I don't like spending over 20 mill for anything.

    I'm still disappointed that Caracal outfit is still going for 50m and Serval outfit is non-existant in AH at least.

    This is what is hurting me. I'm too poor now.
    WolfsingerRadiant DawnFaybal
  • I guess Shield Hero...

    Wow, this is so shocking. This was at a time the most popular and most talked about anime. After people gave it a chance and realized it was actually good.