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  • [Ongoing] Pay What You Want Sketches

    Hello~ ‪For everyone out there who’s still waiting for their commissions, I really apologize for the delay! For the past couple of weeks I’ve been quite dizzy everyday and have been having trouble concentrating on many things & being able to draw, though I’m still working on them little by little!

    (That being said, although I have pretty much everyone’s drafted, just in case you are one of those who have been waiting for quite a while and have thought at any point that maybe you’d like to change what you asked for, requests can be changed if the commission is not yet finished, so please feel free to do so. I’d like to give that option to those of you who have been waiting for so long, so please feel free to dm me or contact me on discord if you’d like to make any changes.)

    Thank you as always for being so patient m(_ _)m
  • Something is going on at Nexon HQ from news

    Little off topic, but Netmarble (who apparently decided to participate in the final bid) claims to be releasing the BTS game soundtrack before release of the game. Article
    If you like them, make sure to ask Nexon in the feedback section if a collaboration event/event exclusive soundtracks would be possible sometime after the next music update.
    If not, then stalk Itunes. Maybe you'll get lucky and find Nexon copyrighted Mabinogi soundtracks on there too.
    (Honestly, if Netmarble promotes Kpop, then just how bad could they be for KR?)

    I remember hearing before that the CEO of BigHit Ent. (BTS' company) and the CEO of Netmarble are in fact, cousins. One is called "legendary self-made man in the game industry" and the other of the music industry. (Seems sense or genius runs in the family.) You happen to own a music company that houses one of the most famous boy groups in the world and your cousin happens to own one of the biggest gaming companies in S. Korea. Collaboration between the two, it benefits both parties so why wouldn't they? As of now I think Netmarble is now the 2nd biggest shareholder in BigHit. Aside from that when I was in Korea last year I remember that every 5-10mins a Netmarble game commercial would show on tv (at least it felt like it), and the subway was filled with still more Netmarble ads. I don't have anything (personally) to judge on how they actually function as a company, but I'm hoping that their status actually means something and that it's not just advertising. (I also kind of want to believe in the sense the Bang family might have that allowed them to get this far.) Furthermore I hope that IF they get their hands on Nexon, that the PC games will also thrive and not just the mobile games.

    Though I said that, overall I'm not rooting for anyone specific, I just hope for Nexon to go to a good home (whoever it is but I kind of hope not Disney ) and for the games I like to thrive and survive.
  • [Ongoing] Pay What You Want Sketches

    Ah, and this isn't commission related or anything but it was my guild's Vice-leader's birthday the other day so we all drew something for him.

    This one was mine
    (I think that's the first time I put color in something. At least the first time in a long time... as I don't know how to color. ^^;)

    Happy birthday Vice! We love you! ☆
  • [Ongoing] Pay What You Want Sketches

    Sorry for the lack of updates everyone! My moving has been postponed so I'm free from that for the time being but then I went under with a cold for a couple of weeks so I apologize again for the lack of updates. Feeling much better now!

    I don't quite have anything to post yet but here's an updated list of progress.
    Pretty much almost all orders have been drafted and need a few tweaks before final cleanup.
    A few are almost done and I'll post those as soon as I can.
    For those of you who asked for yours by a certain deadline those are currently my priority so please do not worry!
    (I will try to message individually about those as soon as I get a chance)
    As always if you have any questions or want to make any changes please feel free to message me anytime.
    April and May were unexpectedly very busy for me!
    Again, thank you all for always being so patient ^^

    ☆Updated Progress List☆

    ☆ Vaughan (Almost finished...)
    ☆ SylviaWolfe (Drafted)
    ☆ Aquaheart (Drafted)
    ☆ Izy (Drafted) *will send for approval ^^
    ☆ Mellchu (Drafted)
    ☆ Brave (Almost finished...)
    ☆ Cheney (Drafted)
    ☆ Starish (Drafted)
    ☆ Injoon (Drafted)

    (Note: for reference "Drafted" pretty much just means I have the whole rough draft down while "Almost finished" means I'm just about finished with the clean lines. Once drafts are done, it doesn't take too long between the two. ( 'v' )d )
  • [Ongoing] Pay What You Want Sketches

    Oh! Also this is late, but Happy Easter/Spring Break/Golden Week to all who celebrate! I hope you all get/got a really good rest! Also please don't forget to take good care of yourselves! ^^ Since many tend to catch colds during spring.