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  • She's... Keeping Track...

    Sai wrote: »


    Just to keep that theme going on.
  • Any fix for Elf Ranged Lag yet?

    Sphyra21 wrote: »
    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    "Elf Ranged Lag" is a mythical scapegoat popular among many who are unable to admit their computer is in need of service (preferably by someone who knows what they are doing). ~ What steps (aside from looking for more scapegoats) have you taken to combat this lag? :)


    It ain't a myth. It's a bug, one that's been there since elves were first implemented. Before they revamped the combat system it was easy to work around it. But now with the cooldown times and whatnot this "lag" is more noticeable and an even bigger hindrance. There's no need to attack this thread like this.

    I won't deny that Elf Lag isn't a myth, but there is just simply displacement lag, which comes from the ability of elves being able to move while aiming their bow - It happens and can freeze your character, it's the same with charging or moving during intermediate magic kill animations(where your character turns to kill them) - Most notably with thunder.(So in reality, it's just everyone's lag! Not just elf.) This just happens to happen more towards elves, whom are normally rangers.
    (Also call me crazy, but I swear Human Archers have rarities that they can freeze.)

    Also what cooldowns do you? Non-existent elf ranged cooldowns or the prolonged elf melee cooldowns for them?

    Just in case you need education on what a myth is by the way;
    "a widely held but false belief or idea.

    a misrepresentation of the truth.
    a fictitious or imaginary person or thing.
    an exaggerated or idealized conception of a person or thing."
  • General Respect/Handling Grief

    If you show proof of consistent harassment, and continually reporting them to Nexon, eventually it will lead to a permanent ban, especially since the other party has likely told them to stop, however, if both attack one another, it doesn't matter, you're both at fault.

    My advice, just keep reporting them. If they really desire to torture someone that much, Nexon will be glad to do justice. As for the intervention part .. If you can stand up for them in a civil way, do it. If you can't, you might just have to watch. There isn't a lot to do, especially with a strict ToS.
  • How old were you...

    I start played when I was 12, now here I am at 22.
  • Where is your "Best" chillspot in Mabinogi?

    I just go into the Mementos Dungeon.