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Went back 3 KR Gachapon pages with still to be released or currently released adding in text: Disclaimer: Certain Content May Or May Not Make IT To NA Right Away


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  • [PART 4] Fantastic Memory Relay Event

    Oroshisama wrote: »
    Yup same.. Just now tried to give my friend the code and she got something and I got nothing..... Am I missing something?

    Unless you have to invite multiple people, we know who to blame for the bug:
  • Fantastic Memory - Patch Notes - August 15th

    So I guess we'll be having druid sacrifices of children now?
    It's an anime style fantasy game. So while it doesn't have to happen, Nexon could always end up doing it anyways.
    (As a backstory, of course.)
    I mean between Mari and Triona, child death (or Young Tarlach's constant threat of second death) already plays a part in the rebirth cycle.
    So yeah. I'd say child death is pretty much much already kind of there.

  • Fantastic Memory - Patch Notes - August 15th

    Sherri wrote: »
    Was the "Gypsy" talent title supposed to be taken away?
    "Wondering Bard" is ok, but I loved the gypsy title

    They changed it?! Woow.. I actually was quite fond of that hidden talent title. :/

    I liked that title too.
    I wonder if Gypsy could be used for a Dance talent all on it's own. (And separate Dance of Death from Music talent in the process.)
    Unfortunately, the future will have to wait and see.
    Veylaine wrote: »
    Crims wrote: »
    Was the "Gypsy" talent title supposed to be taken away?
    "Wondering Bard" is ok, but I loved the gypsy title

    Gypsy is NOT a bad word. Wth.

    true its a not common slur at all here in the states but this mabi branch is basically an international branch and they do care about other regions, otherwise they would not of made a gacha announcement to Belgium players. Its a slur against the roma people, mostly because it was used by other groups other than them and usually not in a good way.

    It kind of makes the term "Gypsy Camp" dead to the world of fantasy.
    I mean if it's taken as a word for a tribe of wanderers, then it's fine.
    As long as Nexon doesn't state that it's a slur otherwise, then it's not a slur, but a reclaimed and historically correct word.
    All this political correctness depresses me greatly.
  • Get this lootbox out of my game, Senator Hawley?

    Has there been anyone who either is supportive or playing the devil's advocate on lootboxes? I feel that all this is too one-sided.

    It's rather difficult to find someone who can agree that gambling is fine, especially with the legal and age restrictions within physical casinos.

    Which is why I oppose to one-sidedness on resolving issues. Usually the end result will be one of regret.

    I'll have to see if anything noteworthy of counter argument pops up as I browse Youtube or Google.
    But for now, the general consensus is that if the UK video game industry cannot present statistical evidence against this loot box monopoly, parliament will could take that as an admission of guilt, and pass restrictions or similar anti (child targeting) loot box laws to Belgium.
    (18 Month warning, as previously established.)
    Of course, as an ongoing case, no one in the public (aside from press) has access to that data just yet.

    Here's a year old video by GameSpot:

    Disclaimer: This video contains crude language unapproved by Nexon

    Here's some videos by Extra Credits relative to loot box arguments:

    The following video may be why loot boxes seem more tempting and lucrative as opposed to a standard Cash Shop:

    Meanwhile, in the Mabinogi Auction House economy:

  • Something is going on at Nexon HQ from news

    So if trade wars are 2019's biggest problem, what'll 2020 bring?
    If Nexon were a small company, I'd be worried.
    But with the whole publicity of the tax evasion thing, there's bound to be some implications on any outreach to future collaborations.
    Well, I mean Nexon's reach on the mobile market looks well set and fine for the moment, but PC gaming is more or less going to change from loot box drama.
    There's not much else to do, other than wait out the immaturity of both sides.
    (inb4 another problem arises...)
    In all reality, a work around could be for everyone to export from the UK at this point.
    Though it seems like a costly and rather stupid idea, now that I just said it.