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  • Kyrios says, “Take care!”

    Helsa wrote: »
    CMKyrios wrote: »

    But we never finished our discussion! I bought new boxing gloves and everything! Is where you are going a secret?

    It'll be clear where I end up in some weeks I think!
  • Pet Adventurer Guide

    Vaulted. Guide has been placed in the Advanced Guide Section of the website.
  • Autumn Discord Banner & Icon Design Contest

    Hello Milletians! This is the second edition of the official Mabinogi Discord server's banner and icon design contest! Our goal is to use this as an opportunity to promote community artists' designs. The way it works is that every contest will have 3 winners that are featured for the following 3 months, and then at the end of that cycle we'll hold a new contest for the next 3! That way we're always featuring our wonderful creative talent in our community! Of course, the contest is open to all in our community, not just Discord folks!

    Contest deadline: Thursday, October 1st @ 11:59:59 PM PDT

    Contest details: For this contest, the theme is autumn/summer ending/temperature cooling/leaves turning yellow, orange, red. Your design should represent one or more of these themes in some way!


    Icon should be max resolution of 512x512. Banner should be 960x540 or an aspect ratio of 16:9. Invite splash screen is not required, but is 1920x1080 should you choose to make one. A banner and icon are both mandatory to be eligible!

    Please do not include any text or logos in your designs!

    Also be aware that even though the above are the requested banner and icon sizes that in practical use, Discord will compress them much smaller, so please be careful with how much details you put in your designs since some will be lost at lower resolution! You should consider testing out your designs on a mock server to see how they look.

    Judging: Submissions will be scored based on the following criteria:
    • 40% Creativity
    • 20% Designs look good at appropriate resolutions
    • 40% Represents autumn theme in Banner & Icon

    - 3 grand prize winners will receive 45 Cash Shop Boxes.
    - 10 runner-ups will receive 15 Cash Shop Boxes.

    Please submit your designs to the #banner-contest channel on our official Discord with your in-game name + server!

    Full rules found here:
  • Quest from previous event obtained on login

    Hi Hontoku, this is a known issue. For now, you can ignore it since it's pretty benign!
  • Fashionogi Summer 2020

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you for being patient. We've selected our favorite outfits and screenshots from all of the participants for this season! Thank you all very much for taking part and submitting your awesome costumes. They were all either great looking, hilarious, or cool. Perfect for the summertime.

    The prize box revealed for this contest is the latest sale box, the Erinn Beauty Box! Without further ado, our grand prize and runner-up entries!

    Grand Prize: