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  • Is it worth it?

    Oh, look, a non Alexinian Player making patently false claims about Alexina's marketplace again. Just because the other non Alexina players regularly say those things doesn't make them true, especially when they're not even on the Server. I get that you want people to join your server, I truly do, but at least be honest about that being your reason for pushing Ruairi and Tarlach (rather than trying to make it sound like your authority comes from a third party source).

    I really don't begrudge you people for wanting other people on your server since Nexon hasn't done either a much needed merge, or even a server move option, but you really have to stop lying to accomplish your goals. Alexina is not Satan, stop trying to present it otherwise.

    Yes, I realize it's - from your perspective - the best way to get what you want. But seriously, knock it off. Nothing justifies these constant smear campaigns, nor lying to potential players during server decisions. Your servers have dreadfully low populations, and this creates issues for you, but those issues don't give you the right to do this (despite the unfortunate predicament they otherwise put you in).

    Anyways, I have nothing against you specifically. This message was not about you singularly. But rather the various players who aren't on Alexina, but regularly pretend otherwise for the purposes of misdirection. I truly do feel sorry for your server situation, but lying is never the way.
  • Who are Alyn's parents?

    Arjune wrote: »
    @Fluorette I don't know about you, but in game my clothes grow and shrink as I grow or shrink XD Even more proof she's a milletian

    So our clothes are milletian too?

    The best clothes for Milletians, made from 100% genuine Milletians!!!
    It's for the best - however - that you don't look in the back of Simon's shop, take my word on this...

    (What else do you think happens with all those many abandoned accounts?)
  • Proof Mabi is in trouble

    You haven't yet said what Server you hail from, or which Channel this was, both of which still remain pertinent info.
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  • Recap the stream 4 me plox?

    You forgot to mention that doing the Fairy Village Event gives you a mini-gem that summons all five of the fairies simultaneously, I think that constitutes a major new-reward.
  • Dear Fishers

    I concur, the suspense is Krillin me.