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I'm a mess and have trouble talking coherently but if you're willing to ignore that then I hope we can get along!
  • Romantic Farm Clearing Ticket PLUS Package

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Negumiko wrote: »
    a lot of players are running out of space on their homesteads and I am the type of player that rarely moves or removes any homestead prop once I like the way it looks. this update is definitely needed for some players but it is not going to solve the main problem, sooner or later our homesteads will just fill back up again and we will have the same problem. how can the homestead system be improved for the better?

    - more expansions (which we are finally getting).
    - bandit homesteads (cause most of us want them).
    - a homestead neighbor system (similar to the family tree system allowing a few homesteads to be neighbors and share some resources to save space).
    - Guild Homesteads (so players will be able to gather herbs, mushrooms, and more without these items taking up space on their personal homestead).

    just adding more space will never permanently solve the issue cause we are getting tons of homestead items from events and gacha. players need some sort of guild homestead or some option to just get a second homestead to get rid of the countless homestead props we keep getting.

    Each of your characters on your account can have a homestead though.
    I want bandit homesteads because of the ugly desolate back drop.
    Neighbor homesteads sounds AWESOME, especially since guild housing is dead.

    I would like to be able to store equipment in my house.

    A shared homestead sort of system would be wonderful. Maybe something like the housing channel but actually useful :P
    Equipment would be good. Honestly the homestead housing thing could use some work too, since its almost completely just a decoration thing. I would like to actually put some of those rooms to use, besides those brownie points. If I could store stuff there or something, heck, even just put a regular oven there, I would be a LOT more willing to spend that few hundred thousand regularly, because then at least its USEFUL.
  • A Fresh Memory (Memory Book Update)

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    I can get you through. But I don't get home until like 8pm. I could rustle up some guildies or some friends, or just get you through myself.

    lol oof, missed that clock. I'll definitely take you up on that, though maybe in a couple days if that's alright. Mondays for me are when the next assignments open up this semester, so that through Tue is usually fairly occupied with balancing/figuring out which assignments to do immediately and which I can safely procrastinate XD
    But yeah, if the offer still stands in a couple days I'd love to tag along and watch the powerful people do all the work while I reap the benefits :P
  • A Fresh Memory (Memory Book Update)

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    That's actually kinda perfect, considering I finally started a character on Nao XD

    I would just get as many quests done and collect all the skills. Then in May do the memory book renewal update for all the ap. THEN come June/July that character will be ready for the summer master plan. You'll have everything you need and can stay.

    Welcome to Nao.

    I've actually managed to finish all but four, Advent of the Goddess is slowing me down a bit thanks to TNN, but otherwise its going fairly swimmingly. Funny enough starting over has got me playing more, starting over has been rather fun honestly. I miss the inv and things, but otherwise its actually sorta fun figuring that all out again.

    Thank you, its been a pleasant stay so far :)
  • A Fresh Memory (Memory Book Update)

    That's actually kinda perfect, considering I finally started a character on Nao XD
  • Taste skill lvling + Maintain Appearance = Whoops

    So, I've been working on trying to max out my Tasting skill and filling the collection journal, and since I'm not really about being over-sized I decided to use some icy diet potions, figuring at the very least that would take care of most of the weight gained from this newfound case of the munchies.

    What I did not expect was to turn into a stick.


    I don't like thicc
    but this is a bit too much the other direction XD