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  • Why Do You Stick Around ? [Poll]

    Helsa wrote: »
    I am a «Pack-Rat/Collector» who has more «Stuff» to collect for my Mabinogi-Life...

    OMG that is sooooo the case for pretty much all of us. In my own case, I'm not too many events away from me exploding, with event crap. The funny thing is in the real world I'm not a hoarder, but in virtual worlds, I'm a slack-jawed twangin' A&E TV show just waiting to happen.

    Yeah, same. I dunno if it's why I hang around, but Mabi brings out the worst hoarder in all of us.
  • Fleta is broken on Alexina

    Fleta is still spawning. I haven't found her near the crossroads, but more often in the middle of a field.
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    The event isn't all that, but I dunno if it's worth cancelling it.

    I do wish they'd crack down on how many alts people can use for events however. I feel like the servers are flooded with those little eggs every time there's an event in an area. Unfortunately I feel like the only way they can potentially control is is by making all event items no-trade but increasing the drop rate.
    Radiant DawnSherri
  • The Etiquette Of Picking Up Junk

    Personally, if I drop something I'm done with it. And if somebody drops a pile of gems that's free ego food.

    Following somebody around might get you some weird looks though.

    The only time I was ever miffed at somebody picking up items I was dropping on purpose was when they started complaining that I wasn't dropping the items they wanted. o_O
  • Favorite thing to do ingame?

    Homestead decorating.

    I'm running out of room. :(
    HuwRadiant DawnSherriWolfsinger