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  • Make the Auction House friendlier to buyers

    We've all been there...we want to buy something, but no one is currently selling. It's a hassle to check the auction house daily, and wonder if it's something anyone even lists anymore. Likewise, as a seller, you have an unusual item that you don't even know if it's worth listing--are people buying? What are the chances the person who would buy it will check the AH during the time you have it listed? Standing around in the market channel with a dungeon party ad all day long is a nightmare. Well headache no longer, I have a solution!

    It'd be great to have an "In Search Of" (ISO) category in the Auction House UI. Perhaps the feature could be as simple as entering an item into a queue, in which you'll get an alert if one gets listed.
    Alternatively, for a more interactive feature--inspired by the stock trading system--could be for a buyer to list an item they wish to buy, and the price at which they want to buy it at. A seller could view these offers and either accept, or make a counter-offer.
    When a buyer lists an offer, the funds listed in the offer will be held in escrow until the buyer cancels the offer (and all money is returned to their bank, without a fee), or when a seller accepts it, and the sale proceeds as other words, you would be unable to submit an ISO order without having and dedicating the funds to fulfill the original asking price.
    By the search bar would be a drop down menu to select either "buying" or "selling", depending on whether you wish to view what people are looking buy vs. what people are currently selling. Or perhaps there's a separate ISO/Buying tab all by isn't really the important part, though.

    I know adding a whole new feature is a lot to ask for. The AH is an incredible element that I personally believe really boosted the market ever since its implementation, and it'd be great to continue expanding on it by making buying/selling even more hassle-free. The market could communicate more clearly and efficiently, and there'd be less guess work and wasted time.
  • Did you all manage to get your desired names?

    I was, and still am, against a server merge entirely, as is/was most of the community. Don't make such a generalization.

    And names can have important, irreplaceable value, especially if you've used it for 11 years.

    Obviously there are a lot of players who never had a chance to even express their 2 cents on the server merge at all. However, as I said before, the Nao merge was necessary to preserve the player-base. The majority of merged players have benefited greatly, which was the original reason why a sea of voices asked (and then eventually harassed) Nexon to implement the merge. And now many of those same voices want their cake and to eat it, too. I’m mostly saying that having to pick a new name was inevitable, and anyone who previously begged for the merge shouldn’t be dog-piling Nexon for the inevitable—Nexon simply can’t allow duplicate names (obviously), nor can they prioritize one player over another based on total play-time, level, or creation date...first come first serve is, overall, the most fair and simplistic, since everyone can be equally attached to the name that was legitimately available to them for so long.

    Players complain that servers are dead > Players complain their names are ugly after the merge > Players complain the name change option is taking too long to implement > Players complain when the name change option isn’t as sophisticated as they’d like it to be (one that can prioritize players, etc.)

    Maybe I’m generalizing with a bunch of separate voices, but surely the amount and the popularity of those complaints stick out. I just feel bad for Nexon who can’t seem to do anything right for a free to play game.

    I’ve been playing for over a decade so I do understand how it is to be attached to your name. My first main’s name from Mari surprisingly wasn’t affected by the merge, but if Alexina gets merged, I’m 90% certain I’d have to rename my current main/beloved character...though it’s not hard for me to pick something with the same roots, or vibe, for either of my favorite characters, tbh. It’s a small price to pay to continue playing as those characters at all. If the merge didn’t happen, the dead servers would’ve kept becoming more dead and then you wouldn’t have your name OR your character unless you’re one of the 0.6% of players who are strictly “solonogi”, and don’t rely on the player market for anything. We’d all likely would have completely abandoned our dead server characters in a couple years had the merge not happened.

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  • Jojo crossover confirmed.

    Greta wrote: »
    Mabinogi IRL:

    Give me the fat cat whistle
  • Name change? Where is it?

    Gaea wrote: »
    [...] But you know what has gone down is complete bs. Getting names fixed and thus fixing guilds should of been their main priority when this problem arose.

    Screw the schedule. YES everything else should have halted when that happened. There are 1000's of players effected. :|

    The game is still playable, though. Not being able to leave a guild and having an ugly name is hardly impeding anyone’s overall gaming experience. If your guild is annoying, you can mute it. If you want to join a new guild, you can join their discord sever until things can be made official. It’s a little bit inconvenient but I don’t think it’s all that big of a deal. If things stay broken, then sure, I might start side-eyeing Nexon...but they’re working on it as we speak. It’ll get fixed. The bugs can be easily worked around in the meantime. In 3-6 months no one will even remember this.
  • (KR) Punk Out Box

    I'm in love with those wigs, for both genders...but especially the femme version. The outfits are just okay I guess, kinda giving me "Flame Rider (F)" and "Starlet Circle (M)" outfit vibes. Not my personal taste, but whatever.

    Just a friendly reminder, and I mean this sincerely: We can actually suggest outfits...draw them ourselves and throw 'em in the suggestion board? The chances of actually getting attention from a dev is slim but maybe if someone's idea got popular enough they'd be willing to take some inspiration. Give them some ideas of what we'd like to see more of? They've done it before, for contests.
    Recent outfits do seem a bit samey, lately. They seem to be running out of ideas, so new inspiration might actually be welcomed. I think it'd be fun to see other player's ideas, regardless.