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  • Somewhat newbie, am I screwed?

    You'll be fine. You can slowly rank up your skills, the only one that may be a little difficult is Windmill, but at your level, it shouldn't be much of an issue at all.

    I think you are doing fine, it's good to experiment with other skills and see what you like. I find that it is very difficult to "mess up" a character as eventually you will be ranking most if not all of the skills anyway.

    Also, Iyasenu is right, if it is a completely brand new account with no character over total level 1,000 you'll be able to completely reset.
  • First Time Seller, Couple of Questions.

    Rukiya wrote: »
    Yokkaichi wrote: »
    1. Yes. Not everyone in game checks the forums here, so you should still open a shop with all the items you are selling. Also, be sure to check back and see if people respond to your thread.
    2. The housing board allows you to search items that are up for sale in people's houses.
    3. When someone puts "note me," it means they may want to negotiate a price and/or trade for an item you have for sale. If you do not open a shop, then yes, people will exchange items with you in a trade. Items are usually just sold in a shop, unless it's an item that people are bidding on, in which case, you do not put that item in your shop, and when the bidding is over you trade that item with the person who had the highest bid.
    4. The mailbox for mailing items is only good for when people don't want to meet in game to trade with each other. It's useful for when, say, you're trying to sell an item to someone who lives in a different timezone, so you're not online at the same time. In that case, you would mail that item, and click the little box that says "request gold" and enter the amount you want to request. The person cannot get the item you mailed without paying the requested gold amount.

    Let me know if you have any more questions~ And good luck with selling!

    Thank you sooooooo much! These answers help majorly :D

    I do have one more question.
    What happens to your shop after you log out?

    Your shop will close, and you'll have to set it back up. Changing channels also closes your shop. Also, if you plan to venture away from your shop, definitely buy one of those Personal Shop Brownies from the NPC that sells shop licenses and use it. The brownies prevent your shop from closing automatically when you leave the area of where you are set up at.

    An alternative to keeping your shop up is to buy a House (you must have Premium Service or VIP to use your house). Your house will always display your items you have for sale on the housing board, as long as you renew your fliers every day. It's very convenient for users who don't like to keep a shop open, as it allows you to sell items even while you are not logged in.

    The housing board people refer to are the ones in each town, for example, there's a housing and party board near the Town Office in Dunbarton (where NPC Eavan is).

    Here's a useful link if you are interested in using Housing.

    This guide, while it is about earning gold, also has a very informative guide on how to set up a personal shop:

    Hope this helps, and good luck out there!
  • What do the Colored Devcats Mean?

    It's in the Forum Features Walkthrough!

    Orange DevCAT = Forum Administrator (Nexon/CMs)
    Purple DevCAT = Nexon
    Blue DevCAT = VFMs
  • Lassar missing.

    If you have a Saga episode in progress, give it up and try seeing if Lassar is there.
  • Gen 11: Partholon Stone

    Have you tried talking to the NPC that gives you the item to drop onto the Altar?

    If it is just a regular Underwear Set, NPCs sell those, you can find who sells them here:

    But try talking to the NPC that gave it to you first.