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  • Alexina is basically dead

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Pectyl wrote: »
    I remember I mentioned that Alexina is going to become the new Mari server at some point, Not over night but in a slow and steady path forward the same result and I got absolutely shutdown when I wrote that in the Mabinogi Discord back when the merge had just happened.

    Well what do you expect? The merge was an exciting/terrifying event that we all had to go through (sans Alexina). People were estactic that we finally got a merge after years of begging for it. I even scheduled 2 days off from work just so I could secure character names and had one of my friends call me just to make sure I woke up on time. lol. I'm sorry you were silenced for making predictions, was it one of the power tripping mods? (Don't mention names or even discord servers).

    It sure was an exhilarating experience.....or not XD
    But I was always sure we needed a merge at some point, Just sad Alexina was left out.
    I don't remember if there was any mods involved but I sure remember being afraid I would get kicked or banned X) which I wasn't luckily.
  • How to Solve Inflation, But Not Really

    The information on this thread is an interesting read (so far) and I can't even begin to delve deep into it like some have already done, But I would like to add my 2 cents to the discussion despite how odd and or tiny my contribution may be (please don't flame me over this)

    Anyway, I believe a healthy stream of brand new players are a necessary ingredient for a healthy economy, new players will grind and acquire things differently and will play the game the way it's meant to be played without taking advantage of nearly every single tiny detail the game has to offer, and I think that if there is enough of such players the once that min max the heck out of the game and the players that circumvent the games limitations and rules will be far and few in between, however I am not convinced that is the case and haven't been so for a long time, I believe that Mabinogi have long since vanished into the sea of obscure free to play games despite it's unique gameplay and mechanics, I believe that Nexon NA isn't doing much if anything to attract new potential players to the game and so the player created issues that could have been avoided or been of minor concern has come to the forefront because the "few" that still play have reached a point beyond what the game may have intended and or expected of it's players, Especially not a player base that is this "small" and this far into the game, creating a player balancing issue.
    Note: My comment is not only aimed at acquiring and using/selling gold but also items.
    (The last game trailer Mabinogi had was the odd one nearly everyone criticized back in 2015)
  • Remove pet inventory limitations

    Hello everyone, i know that this topic has been discussed in the past but i want to mention it again here,
    Many people purchase pets for transportation, others do so for their designs, but i think we can all agree that a pets inventory space is just as important and a very attractive sales pitch for Nixon, however as we all know, pets costs money, and most people pay real money to acquire one or more pets, therefore making them a service, which then begs the question, why for example can i only put some of my full recovery potions in my pets inventory? why can't my pet hold all of them despite having more than enough space? because they are special or event full recovery potions? does that even matter? i think not,
    So for whatever reason Nexon/Devcat decided to limit a pets inventory to our current ridiculous limitations i say this, we paid for your content, we bought it with our own money, and we should therefore be able to (excuse my wording here) shove whatever we wan't into our pets with nearly no limitations, as long as there is space to fill we should be able to put anything in there, i understand that quest items or items needed for something specific may be limited to our own personal inventory space, but our potions, clothing, weapons, and much more, regardless if it's an event or special version of an already existing item should be able to be put into our pets inventory space and i am surprised this has not been rectified yet.

    Yes i am angry that we in almost 2019 after all the pets we have seen come and go, have yet to see this issue fixed despite being something we pay our money for,
    and the issue has only gotten worse overtime.

    Thanks for reading.
  • Remove the Inability to Take Partner Items

    Another thing to note is that if your playing Mabinogi from a country with a much weaker currency than the dollar or euro, it's a nightmare to purchase pretty much anything on the shop.