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August 26, 1994
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I think it's safe to say my official title is Mabinogi Historian.
About Me
Ex-Mari. I play on the Nao server and am a Transformation Mastery Enthusiast and Lore Freak.
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    When I was 14 I browsed Youtube, saw these amazing videos of someone playing music in Mabinogi and showing off gameplay and my child soul was drawn into this hellgame, thanks Reinforce. However, this was in July 2008, MabiEU hadn't been announced and MabiNA still had an IP Block for Europeans. I couldn't play.
    However in December 2009 I was alerted by a dutch friend that MabinogiEU had just opened a closed beta, and I managed to snag a code from a promotional website!
    I'd never really played an MMO before, but it wasn't long before I made a bunch of friends that, **9 years later**, I still speak to daily, and even hang with irl.

    Unfortunately, in 2012 MabiEU announced it would be ending it's services. We felt it was coming, NexonEU clearly didn't put effort into managing or advertising the game to it's fullest potential, and we believed the rumor that the Mabinogi EU team was made up of 4 people, and were pretty sure only one of them knew how the game worked. However, NexonNA opened it's doors to us in the wake of it all, and my friends migrated from Morrighan to Mari. (And then we crashed the server... oops)
    Meeting the NA community opened me up to even more friends, and we all were incredibly creative. About 2 years of us bonding over our love for this game and the characters we'd created through art and writing has left pleasant memories, even if most of them have put the game down to play other things. I still see them slide back into Mabinogi for a couple days. Kinda like visiting grandma. Me on the otherhand? I still play. Pretty casually due to life, but I still play.

    The Core game?: Outside of the memories this game has for me, I found the unique playstyle and freedom this game has is unrivaled by any other game on the market. Nothing holds up to what it offers. Though other, newer games are certainly more intuitive and fun nowadays, I always find myself going home to grandma when I get bored, and all with it's clunky fun.
    The Gameplay?: As someone who suffered from abysmal lag and was the weakest of my friends, I didn't enjoy the gameplay early on. However life skills gave me the oppurtunity to help my friends where i failed in combat. Now, I'm just grossly overpowered and the objective is to simply do enough damage to ignore most of the core mechanics that the game is based on. It feels... good, though. To finally be that strong.
    The Community?: I stuck with my friends, and had bad experiences with guilds, but Mabinogi has always drawn out a weird desire to interact with others. In the past, the towns swarming with players to a point where my Laptop pulled the trigger on itself was beautiful to see. Nowadays in Mabinogi it's heartwrenching to see the towns empty...
    The Setting and Story?: WHOEVER WROTE CHAPTER 6, I LOVE YOU. Yup, this is the one. I genuinely ADORE the Irish influence in Mabinogi, and the writing, although a bit... odd in places (Saga...) I find foreshadowing to future mainstream quests keep me eager for the next story update. I love the characters, I love that the story isn't rediculously nitty gritty but it's still capable of being dark, I love the personality that was given to the Milletian player's character and how it acknowledges the unbalanced, overpowered powercreeping nature of the player. It feels meta. I like meta. I feel like I can forgive the power creep based on the fact that it makes SENSE.
    My child?(!?): No, not an actual child. I'm talking about my Mabi character. This one's a little sad, not tragic, just... really pathetic. But one of the major reasons I keep playing this game is because I'm attached to my Mabinogi character. I've adopted her as an Original character, given her depth and character as a writer. I don't view her as my avatar but as her own character. She's looked nearly the same for 9 years. My goal in Mabinogi, currently, is to simply rank all of my skills to 1. This way I feel like I've completed her. Additionally, I wish for my writing to one day be aknowledged. I don't ever intend to seperate it from the Mabinogi universe to make it my own original works. It's my love letter to the series that held my hand growing up.

    In a Nutshell: I am attached to this game. Unbelievably emotionally attached. I get this weird empty feeling every time I complete the latest mainstream expansion knowing that it'll be a while before we see the next. All my old friends even returned to the game in the summer and we played for about 2 months before they put it back down for the next expansion. I want to support the game more! I hate Gacha but it's really the only thing I can do to support the game. I wish I could buy merchandise or something, but even if NA released merchandise, I'm european, and it probably wont ship overseas...
    I wish there was something I could do to actively support this game and keep it going for a little while longer.
    Giegue's baby pictures: This is when I bought her signature outfit on MabiEU
    Even in Maplestory 2 I play Mabinogi.

    9 years later she's just a little shinier: unknown.png

    Edit: Writing this post made me late for work.
  • Dont Put this anymore here PLEASE!

    I can't really understand a word you're saying but Hellkaizer has most of it down.
    You don't need to "pay for an item" to access Baltane quests, and G20 isn't involved in any of the skill's quest lines, so I may be misunderstanding.
    I'll try to form a quick guide to help.

    If you're struggling with Bachram explosion: The pages can be bought from other players, but this skill is intentionally hard to obtain due to it's power. If you're unable to acquire the skill yet, you can try again when you're a little stronger, or buy pages. These pages drop from specific circumstances in Baltane Missions, see here for where they can drop.

    If you're struggling with Spinning Slasher: None of the Dorcha Crystals come from Baltane Missions. They can be purchased from other players, but they actually drop from various content around the game, such as Fishing, Dungeon's and Monsters, and NPC shops.

    If you're struggling with Raging Spike: The outfit boxes are tradable, and you can purchase them from other players. They aren't hard to obtain (they're pretty common in Basic Difficulty Siege Mission.) so they won't be too expensive. As Hellkaizer said, this is the most tedious due to the RNG involved.

    If you're struggling with Chain Burst, specifically acquiring the quest: Nowhere to Run on basic difficulty is the best option. Kill the zombies with your chain blade, this way you're safe from the explosion and dealing good damage.
    If you're struggling with Death Mark, specifically sketching the Banshee: I think you can buy the sketch from another player? If not, you can ask your friends or guild mates to help you run Peaca Basic. Don't forget to bring Sketch Paper.

    If you're struggling with Baltane missions in general: If you don't have good damage output yet, it may be too early for you to challenge Baltane Missions. Your character will get stronger as you play through the game and rank up other skills. Since the items to acquire skills are tradable from Baltane Missions, you can always ask your friends to run the missions themselves and share the items they don't need with you.
  • Tuairim -> Bachram

    It was probably changed because Bachram just sounds more powerful and more positive in comparison to Tuairim, it also isn't too blatantly Gael, and yeah, probably for the alliteration. Though you're right, I was wondering where on earth those other dialogue options came from and that's really silly that they overlooked it so poorly. (I mean I also counted 4 typos in the dialogue but eh, nexon.)

    Minor Education time. Tuairim (would be "Twah-rum" approximately, its not too hard but its still an odd word.) means to have your own thoughts (an Opinion).
    In the sense of Mabinogi, it could represent accepting the Sluagh as part of yourself while still having control over how you feel, and not letting the Sluagh overpower you.
    Bachram means something along the lines of "playfulness/rambunctiousness", its essentially more of an opposite to Sluagh than Tuairim is. It's a little more "obvious" than Tuairim in its intentions.
  • New Content is Exclusively Limited [Rant]

    Well not really a rant (clickbait), but hear me out.
    Now of course the way Mabinogi is being updated is not ideal as the generation system was basically thrown out the window because of how slow that's going, but that's not the issue I'm gonna complain about, nor am I gonna complain about the need for a total overhaul of the games internal engine, or the community.
    What I'm gonna complain about is how almost all new cosmetic content is locked to events, or a limited offer. Gachapons aside. An example being: this spring time event gives us access to lots of adorable new homestead props, but they're limited to the event. While it's fine that "the big prize" can happily be a limited thing as incentive to participate, the sheer quantity of stuff you can get on the side would have made for an amazing content addition. I don't really want to make this a big wall cuz no one's gonna read more than a paragraph so I'll make it into a bullet point.

    [*] Our Last "Generation" update was g20: Gate of Sanctuary (April 14th 2016), which added the story line, the beltane knights, and some weapons. (We did have a Dungeon Revamp and Phantasm added in August, and Music Q in December)
    [*] Simon's store has literally not been updated since g4-7 came out in NA. He has never had a single item of clothing added to his store since then. In fact, no clothing NPC has had new clothes added to their store since Elves and Giants were released in 2009 as far as my brief fact check shows. I don't think Edern has ever had a store update either.
    [*] Most NPC's have had very minor changes to their stores, such as the introduction of reforge tools, and new instruments. Ingredient/Food stores did get a major overhaul.
    [*] Being how easy it is to obtain gold, even for new players, there should have been a readjustment to NPC prices a long time ago.
    [*] Since their release in April 2011, Homesteads have had one solid update in March 2013, which added 4 Levels, a size expansion, new cosmetic additions, and Pon Compatability. Homestead's have just had one more update, April 2017, which instead of a standard "a few more levels and one more expansion" we have a paywall expansion (which is still nice I guess), and no new cosmetics.
    [*] ALL new Homestead cosmetics have been locked behind limited events since March 2013.
    [*] There has not been a single new permanent addition to the Pet section of the Cash shop, since the Warp Imp, added in August 2012. Guardian Spider and Laghodessa are older existing pets that used to be Limited, but have silently been added as permanent additions to the cash shop in November 2016. (I'm actually tempted to buy a Laggy...)
    [*] There have been more previously Permanent Pets taken out of the cash shop and turned into Limited Time Sales, than there have been pets added to the game in the last 5 years.
    [*] There have been no Sewing Patterns added to NPC Stores, since possibly the introduction of Iria. There are multiple items of clothing released in events and Gachapon that were to have sewing patterns (Marlin Robe, Connous Leather Armor, etc.) that have never been implemented.
    [*] On the Contrary, Blacksmithing has had recent updates with the addition of Celtic weapons added into Gilmore's Store. Not that it matters since I'm 90% sure you can get the new weapons in Gachapon anyway...
    [*] Festia was an amazing attempt at contradicting the point of this entire post, as those event exclusive minigames we loved are now permanent additions to Mabinogi! Granted you can't play them unlimitedly...
    [*] Theres been a bizarre trend of locking all new events to one character, instead of just typical Attendance events. Additionally events are very strict on how much time you have to get the top prize, while also locking you to a limited amount of progress each day, which makes the events stressful and less fun to participate in, since it's very easy to let the best prize slip away and you may never see it again, since it's probably untradable anyway.
    [*] We have plenty of skills in Mabinogi and more skills are being added even now, however there are STILL unfinished skills that have yet to be fully uncapped since the dawn of the game. (Here's looking at you, First Aid and Rest)

    Now why would I whiiiiine about something so silly? Well, I think personally it's horrible design that is a massive part of this game's snowballing downfall. Sure Devcat/Nexon don't care so long as they milk what they can out of this game's dying breath, and don't get me wrong I LOVE Mabinogi, but it IS getting too old for how poorly it's maintained. Unless Duncan's Skill Reset is the latest thing, there's been no major gold sink implemented since 2012-ish besides gradually more insane repair costs. Inflation is running rampant due to a lack of content for us to spill our gold down NPC drains on top of how easy it is to grind up 1million gold in less than an hour if you know the right methods.
    There are multitudes of difficulties this game faces but in my opinion this is one that shouldn't have been left as neglected as it has been. The soul of the game has basically been abandoned as Devcat/Nexon churn out events and Gachapon as a form of Life Support, unsurprisingly making the state of the game worse.
    The current Director seems to be trying his best as I've heard he's repairing some outdated functionalities and adding systems to make Free to Play Players have a little less power difference than reforge snorting addicts, but all that's doing is putting a new carpet over the torn up, well loved, lumpy rag that just needed some proper attention.

    I know this isn't gonna be fixed, but I felt like I needed to rant on the forum because hey maybe people will agree or share their insight and opinions and maybe if the stars align and I sacrifice my firstborn to the Weird Cat, it could make its way higher up. (They're probably already aware of these issues though and just don't care)
    TL:DR Besides what comes out in Events and Gachapon there hasn't really been any content added to the game since 2012, not including revamps, story updates, and filler features such as Renown and Potential, and it's making the game feel more and more dated as time passes besides it's multitude of other problems. Inflation.
  • Where is Mabinogi? Update!

    Update! It seems the reason the Launcher cannot find a lot of our Mabinogi clients to import is because the way the File is laid out is totally different to how the installer installs it so it may not be detecting Mabinogi as a game file.
    It could be possible to circumvent the installation problem by going into your Nexon Folder, moving your Mabinogi folder into a "Library" File that the Launcher creates, then going inside the Mabinogi folder and creating a folder called "appdata" and move the contents of the Mabinogi file into appdata. Then, next to appdata, make another folder called patchdata. Then "downloading" the client via the launcher should in theory have it verify that the files already exist, and it just needs to update patchdata.
    But I have not tested this to confirm if it works. I know NOTHING about how anything works when it comes to the nitty gritty of computers. So I do not recommend doing this unless you want to be the brave soul who tests it for me.