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August 26, 1994
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I think it's safe to say my official title is Mabinogi Historian.
About Me
Ex-Mari. I play on the Nao server and am a Transformation Mastery Enthusiast and Lore Freak.
  • Two Sentence Horror Story: Mabinogi Edition

    I sat down at the campfire one night and was offered a snack that seemed so modest and light.
    ... [You have gained weight.]

    IGN: Giegue
    Server: Nao

    Hi the title's clickbait I'm not actually cool and it's exactly what you expected.
    Make it permanent.
    Hear me out, I know it's not that simple.
    We have only one party minigame; Mafia. KR Mabi have already expressed huge discontent with there only being a single minigame for players already so apparently there are more in the works.
    But why not bring back this one in the future as a permanent Minigame? Community run tournaments would be amazing, the silly little Final Dance remix is cute, and it was a pretty solid little minigame (not perfect but I thought it was fun.)

    But Giegue, I don't want to AFK for a ticket to make into a paper tiles?
    Well, how about this:

    How to acquire Paper Tiles:
    Handicraft Rank F
    5 pieces of Paper.
    Pick the Tile you want. You can bulk craft too!

    But what about the Golden Tile? It's so OP everyone would just use that instead.
    Okay, how about:
    Handicraft Rank F
    5 pieces of Glittering Paper
    Golden Tile!

    How do you start the minigame without the signpost Item?
    Person A creates a Minigame Party, selecting Paperflip. They begin recruitment, the party size being 2 people max. (Optionally, password protect for friends.)
    Person B then joins the party, (with optional password), and person A begins the Minigame. Each player has 30 seconds to select a tile. Minigame Begins.

    But what's the point? What would I get out of playing it?
    But okay, how about this: Journal achievements!
    Play Paperflip!
    Lose Paperflip!
    Win with a Basic Tile!
    Win with a Calender Tile!
    Win with a Newspaper Tile!
    Defeat a Golden Tile with a Basic Tile!

    Too easy for you? Maybe some harder ones like:
    Win without missing a single hit!
    Defeat your opponent after defending!
    Get a critical hit after defending!
    Win on the turn you defended!
    Tie at Paperflip!

    A permanent minigame like this would be ideal for community orientated players, and Guilds who enjoy friendly competition, or player run community events. It would also give Streamers content if they were to host and stream a paperflip tournament for giveaways.

    Please leave a comment if you like the idea, and if you don't like paperflip, and think this is stupid, please also leave a comment! Free bumps are nice.
  • Taming Journal Advice?

    I don't think it would be worth the amount of time it would take to grind up several hundred Hot Spring Monkey Bait, though I will dabble in it as I'm going to try and get some Rundal Boss Rush passes to test the Cyclops' in there.

    I have absolutely no idea the exact values, but I did a rough estimate and my current set-up should in THEORY give me a 0.28% success rate (assuming the monster's base success rate is 0.1%)
    Adding on the Monkey Bait instead of the Shrimp Bait would raise it at most to a whopping 0.3% success rate.
    Which is rediculous, but still a guesstimate.

    Edit: After cooking 100 dishes of Shrimp Fried Rice I came out with 8 Monkey Bait. (and 1 Rundal Pass Box... >:I)
    Considering I could have made 1000 Shrimp Bait in that time... well...
    Edit2: I can tame things in Ciar Boss Rush, so I assume the same is true for Rundal.
  • Taming Journal Advice?

    It's not news that since the dungeon revamp, taming wild animals has become a nightmare to deal with, especially in regards to dungeon bosses.

    I've been stuck with the last 5 monsters in my taming journal untamed for years due to this, however they'd recently "fixed" this issue by creating a minimum success rate of 0.1% (or, 1 in 1000 chance)
    3 actual living days STRAIGHT of attempting to tame a cyclops has left me feeling quite defeated so I'm seeking advice on the last 5 monsters I need for my journal.
    I have all generations clear, so I can't utilize those except for Saga. I also have all skills at Rank 1, so assumedly my CP is very high and shouldn't cause issues.

    Here's my set-up:
    Life Taming Cane (Effectiveness 3 (+?%)) with a Level 10 Reforge for Taming Success. (+15%)
    Shrimp Taming Bait (Effectiveness 6 (+?%))
    Rank 1 Control of Darkness (Wiki says this passively helps an unknown amount)
    Master of Taming (+?%)
    Tupai 2nd Title: (+10%)

    Mirror Witch: This isn't an issue; I just need to find a Giant. I doubt she'll be a problem.

    Cobweb Mummy: Alby Adv, right? I seem to get pretty unlucky with spawning these as I've not had a solo run in recent memory where they've spawned. Do they only spawn in instances with multiple players?
    Note: I haven't recently checked if Alban Training's Cobweb Mummies count towards taming, but I don't think they could be tamed...

    Cyclops: With all of my generations complete, I can't do the Chapter 4 quest that forces you to tame a Cyclops. This monster's been beating me down for the past few days with thousands of bait shoved down the drain.
    Do the Cyclops in Boss Rush count? I assume they're easier to tame due to them running on the old version of the dungeon.

    Banshee: Another Monster who has cost me over 200 hours of grinding bait and wiggling a stick at.
    Are there other versions of Banshee that are easier to tame than the one in Peaca Basic?

    Demi Lich: See above.
  • (KR) Fantastic Melody

    So an update on this: They're having a Live Concert in Seoul, Korea.
    There were 800 tickets sold (one per person, needed Korean Phone Number and ID) and they soldout within minutes of going live.
    People who show up to the concert will get special goodies for ingame, such as a unique Piano.

    I hope if NA or EU can't have the same experience, they at least release an official CD.