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August 26, 1994
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I think it's safe to say my official title is Mabinogi Historian.
About Me
Ex-Mari. I play on the Nao server and am a Transformation Mastery Enthusiast and Lore Freak.


  • I sat down at the campfire one night and was offered a snack that seemed so modest and light. ... [You have gained weight.] IGN: Giegue Server: Nao
  • It would be a neat effect! I'm not sure how it would be applied though, as I'm pretty sure the "glow "effect of the items you mentioned are actually caused by a shader not being applied, and not any added effect. I don't know if dyes could un-set a…
  • There is a method! Click the "Menu" button in your toolbar on Mabinogi, and enter "screen shot mode" This not only allows you to position the camera where you want it, but it prevents characters from turning transluscent. You can then hide the U…
  • Helsa wrote: » Yep, on the other hand there is
  • I don't think it would be worth the amount of time it would take to grind up several hundred Hot Spring Monkey Bait, though I will dabble in it as I'm going to try and get some Rundal Boss Rush passes to test the Cyclops' in there. I have absolut…
  • I stopped by the forum to make the same suggestion. I can confirm that it has not been updated as I went to watch a cutscene that was skipped due to the game crashing for more recent content and it's still only at G16. I believe in the past year a…
  • Bump! I've cleaned the post up and there's a surge of transformation medals coming in so you know what to do!
  • So an update on this: They're having a Live Concert in Seoul, Korea. There were 800 tickets sold (one per person, needed Korean Phone Number and ID) and they soldout within minutes of going live. People who show up to the concert will get special …
  • There is apparently a bug that causes the raid to not count as cleared if the boss was defeated by Redoubled Offensive. If this was not the case, then if you want to clear the quest quickly to reclaim your kill, try the Saga II - Episode 2 questline…
  • Most Elemental Alignments for Monsters were figured out via data-mining in the past. Alternatively, monsters tended to drop the elemental they were associated with. Otherwise, Trial and Error is the key, simply smacking a monster and recording the f…
  • Especially if you didn't realize you'd just obtained it. I think they really should make the Soul Stream Inventory Icon flash when items have been placed in it recently.
  • Whatever that was I love it and I want it. thank you
  • Another Bumdump. Bring me that Magic Academy Robe!
  • I've got every new Transformation Medal except that Fire Slime And of course, if you use the Shamala Coupons and get any NPCs above, please sell them to me~!
  • Honestly yeah, probably just a really, really weird combination of tiny factors and a momentary freakout from the game. I'd say I was lucky it was just an item I picked up off the ground. I haven't encountered it since.
  • Oh thats strange! I'd never encountered that before, didn't even realize it was a mechanic, and I assumed since Ciar Beginner worked that there wasn't a level threshold. Perhaps there should be more clear in-game notification for this, then. Tha…
  • Check the Hanging Garden upstairs from the Banquet Hall. Tara/Rath's Quest Locator doesn't really know what to do, since the Hanging Garden is technically outside, and that door is the closest to "outside", even though you cannot reach the Gardens …
  • It's worth ranking any skill, even if you don't use the weapon type, due to the permanent stats the skill gives you! So I do recommend ranking Blunt and Axe Mastery with Sword Mastery, as well as any other skills. If you are Human, try to begin t…
  • The Briogh Marble was only meant to be filled before the release of G22 last week. Once you've gotten far enough in G22, you can use the Marble to accumulate the Briogh for yourself to use with Techniques. It is simply a little booster, so you have…
  • I'll write you up a quick guide that should hopefully explain everything, but I am not overly experienced with the mission. The objective of Revived Illusion is to clear all rooms, similar to a dungeon/rabbie phantasm. Once all rooms are cleared…