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  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    Dii wrote: »
    Honestly dark skinned elves are one of the least immersion breaking things I can think of considering flying Food Truck pets are canon in "the lore".
    Besides, Milletians don't follow the same rules as NPCs.

    Reason why some are so against this topic (dark skin for elves) is because they are so into the usual basic af "elf lores" where most elves look like they are from the aryan race and spam archery. There was a guy who even said that elves in LotR lore aren't dark skinned, as if that had something to do with mabinogi's lore.

    As for the kid who said it will impact his "roleplaying".. go play something else then.
  • new weapon system?

    bunny11 wrote: »
    @Kaga, this is exactly what I was trying to say when I said that Nexon has been incrementally buffing elves.

    Although it is not outlined as an elf buff whatsoever, that 200% aiming speed potential upgrade on weapons in this new system is indisputably most useful for elves in the current environment.

    I apologize for bringing up the elf skin tones into our last thread because I think we could have had a good discussion. I wasn't trying to offend anyone or get a thread locked. I'm not that interested in the subject and I'm much more interested in stuff like this. I started this game as a little kid on the day elves came out, as an elf archer. And I've just been really happy with the amalgamation of changes to the game that have made my character much more viable than it was back then. When I made those comments about incremental elf buffs, I even count additions like Urgent Shot which I think benefit Elf the most.

    Extremely hyped for the TC system now, even though it sounds like it will be extremely challenging & expensive. Time to start preparing for it.

    When you mentioned "full potential = archery" thats when I was tripped off.
    Because elves that actually do speedruns don't even spam magnum, in fact they barely use magnum. They use CS/Shooting rush/Kunaistorm/pet spam and more. Meaning you don't need to main archery to use your elf at it's full potential. And you don't need to "main" archery to use CS.
    The only time you would really need magnum spam is if you are fighting bosses like succubus.
    Sidhe and other bosses that have no knock back can be easily killed with SS+impale.

    Honestly I think you just kept mentioning elf archery = max potential because you are so into the "elf+ archery" lore (same goes for dark skin tone), but that's just me.

    Now let's not derail this thread because I have a feeling it will happen.
  • nerf the advancement tests!

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Kaga wrote: »
    Hardmuscle wrote: »

    I'm sure you (or someone) would be here to complain at 60 ping as well. ....

    We don't have lagless connections in the USA.

    Some do, some don't.
    But most important, ya'll lag less than us either way.

    Me complaining at 60 ping? I doubt it. I had 40 ping in EU and I felt lagless af.
    As for someone else; I already said what you had to re-visit.
    I don't have to re-visit anything. I made adjustments on my own (instead of rage on the forum about it) and passed those tests long ago. That's what I meant about passing judgement (aka assuming). Like I said in my last post. High Ping is not the only cause of lag. ~ I will say this though. ... You won't ever eliminate that ping in the current situation, so you may well do what you can to continue living with it. ~ This debate is basically saying (implying,) this topic will arise in every piece of content relative to timing the player. ← Is that an incorrect assumption?

    Or maybe.. you know...offer solutions that nexon could look into and do something about these dan tests?
    Obviously I won't ever get rid of this ping, I already learnt that when I started playing NA when Mabinogi EU died.

    Don't know about others but I sure as hell didn't "rage on the forums" about this. I simply offered a solution.

  • nerf the advancement tests!

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    I could say that... that's very True... and it still wouldn't make the person offering them an idiot. As people have tried for the last three pages to do. I have as much trouble with the Dan tests at 60 ping as you folks have at 600 to 2100 ping... ~ Figure that one out ..~

    ...Obviously you don't, even if you think you do.
    But If you really are having issues at 60 ping then I think you need to revisit your skills with these dan tests.
    The more ping the worse it is, and most EU players have over 200. As for AU, don't let me even start.
  • nerf the advancement tests!

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    I understand what you said and the impression you're under; regarding my presence in this thread. I have two working eyes and I can read. How do you know a nerf will solve the problem? What if the problem persists? Then what? Ignoring solutions up until a better solution comes along doesn't make the person offering them an idiot, or stupid, and it doesn't mean they don't know what they're talking about (such as when someone in EU doesn't understand why Prime Time over there is the opposite over here in the states -- no names mentioned).

    You could say that for every "solution" people have ever mentioned about everything if you're thinking that way.
    It would most likely solve the problem because as far as I know (from my own EU-lag experience) a minute/more points would definitely make it possible to pass these dans.