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  • Inventory Expansion

    As much as it reminds me of the times when you needed VIP to unlock half of your bank tab... Let's be real, if it's a one-time purchase I'll buy that.
  • no new events for a while now, whats next for mabi

    Callanthe wrote: »
    I'm currently trying to start g7 because I was putting it off for way too long. L-rod exploration is boring.

    How times have changed.

    Yup. Funny thing is, I used to really like L-rod, but at some point it's just too repetitive. Especially when I'm looking for that one specific thing and the game decides to throw all the artefacts I don't want at me :(
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I play Mabi because it's a MMORPG that doesn't feel like the usual MMO. I't not the typical "you're level 40 so here's the area for level 40 characters to grind, oh and have a couple quests to kill 20 goblins". I like the freedom to craft my own character and the ability to switch between skillsets whenever I want. I appreciate the emphasis on the RPG part - Mabi has a really decent story for an online game, plus all those smaller things like life skills or exploration complement the gameplay. And, of course, I love the ability to play and compose music :)
    And no two characters are identical, you can customize almost everything - armour, weapons, fashion, skills, etc.

    I'm not sure when I started playing to be honest, but it was back on the old EU server.
    CrimsọnJazmynDrognakVaughan[Deleted User]Kensamaofmari
  • Unable to access Lorna and Pan Video's on Website

    It's still fun running all of Tir's ptjs for a game day.
    Back then, HW and grocery store ptjs did run out quite often.
    And back when they were a source of everyone's income; do ptjs during the day and dungeoning at night. Similar to sterotypical adventuring.
    Then free personal shop came along...

    I think they modeled the RE Zero events on Ptjs without a deadline or certain time to turn in the job.

    And HW was so precious back then, because you could actually drop your gear if you died in a dungeon without the blessings. I also remember hanging out with random people next to a moongate waiting for the evening.
    I feel like old mabi was more immersive, but new mabi is waaay more convenient.
  • Re:zero boardgame ticket box.

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Uh... Sorry to burst your bubble but people have been multiclienting since well pretty much forever. As for the alt abuse, again it's been done since the start. Just before you were banned for even mentioning it.

    That's the thing, it's used to be: one person - one account. Using multiple accounts was against the rules. Now it's "lol, just get alts'.
    I'm not saying people are literally Satan for doing it, but I don't like it and I don't agree it should be an answer for legit players to compete against bots for gold by farming alts.
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but just because cheaters exist it doesn't mean limits hit them the most - because they don't.