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  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Here is my giant, Toshinori in his "All Might" Cosplay :)


    Outfit: Skating outfit M
    Headpiece - crystal antlers
    Gloves - SAO Heathcliffe Gauntlets
    Shoes - Prof. J Boots
  • Any chance of a My Hero Academia Crossover Event?

    This is my giant "Toshinori" on the Mari server. (not sure how the name wasn't taken already, but ayy)


    I'd really love to see an official My Hero Academia Crossover, eventually. We've seen some great ones thus far, and this would only further add to the hype, if you ask me! :) who else would like to see this? :)
  • So..

    Ellisya wrote: »
    dra011 wrote: »
    Ellisya wrote: »
    gacha addict

    Aren't most of us at this point some kind of addict of something to do with mabi.

    Yea we all are mabi addict :(
    Can't just quit for some reason, idk why.

    Yeah, this game always pulls me back in. So many good memories with this game. Just finished memento and I have major feels.
  • So..

    It's Wednesday, and the carmen and doll boxes are still in shop?... where is the new gacha? -.- I've had my cards waiting for a week now.
  • R> Furinkazan

    Hey, everyone! I'm Yemchaa! Just popping in to say that my guild, "Furinkazan" will begin recruiting tomorrow (June 20)!

    Here is a little info about Furinkazan!

    Fu (風) "Move as swift as the Wind"
    Rin (林) "Stay as silent as a Forest"
    Ka (火) "Attack as fierce as Fire"
    Zan (山) "Be immovable like a mountain"

    Furinkazan started back in 2014, as a small friend-oriented guild. However we slowly grew into a fairly active guild, that would do dungeons and other content together. It was never really meant to be a serious or hardcore guild, but more a place where people could come and enjoy the game together.
    Unfortunately, the guild is essentially dead at the moment. People will pop on once in a while, but nothing more. While we were still active, we unlocked the highest member capacity for guilds, as well as a Guild Hall! I'm just here to (hopefully) restore the guild to what it once was, and get some cool new people in, and having fun! :)

    What we are looking for:
    Honestly, we aren't looking for much haha, mainly people who/are:
    -Enjoy Mabi
    -Want to do content with others
    -looking to make new friends

    That's really about it! There's really no stipulation on who can/can't join. Anyone is welcome!
    All that we ask is that you are kind and respectful to others in the guild. That said, feel free to joke around and have fun!

    So yeah! that's about it! If you are interested in joining, feel free to leave a comment here, or send me a note in game!
    IGN: Yemchaa

    Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you in guild~ :)