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  • This Gen...

    noobodyzxz wrote: »
    what are u guys talking about its all our fault why this npc's has to go through all the suffering they've been through
    they were created to go through that suffering for our entertainment
    and if they were brought to our world and found out that all they've been through
    is because of a simple reason such as they are part of a game for our entertainment
    they probably will kill us and the person who created them and made them go through all that

  • Font Lag & Skill Displacement... Fixed?

    I can confirm this is true. earlier my chatlog would cause major lag, but it appears immediately even after being in the game for a while and having lots of text in it
  • G21 Events

    just as heads-up, hype coins reset at midnight server time, not at 7am reset time
  • no master plan event?

    There was an announcement in game, broadcasted globally about receiving 2x EXP in shadow missions, 2x Pet EXP, half the repair price at NPCs. Is that not part of it?
    Also is the seal merchant also not a part of this (not sure myself).

    Edit: Yep, announcement is up

    ah, that clarifies a lot. hadn't seen the in-game announcement, so was confused about not getting double skill training. but that being on weekends explains why. there's some pretty neat bonusses in this event too I see
  • Post here if you're new or clueless :D

    Zephyrmaru wrote: »
    Hey now LOL. I literally posted that I wasn't well versed in the squires thing, no need to get mad at me. The threads for people to help eachother, and if you can't help, at least give someone a good laugh. No need for that kinda negativity.

    I agree with the good laugh part, but might I suggest (to anyone in general) to also at least say you're not sure of the answer? that way people are less likely to think someone is just trolling, while you can still crack a joke.