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  • Mathematically impossible to beat Red Dragon on AS

    I hope Nexon can consider releasing a balancing patch to make it realistic not only for the endgame players, but your average player as well. I think that was the point of the hit counter, but even then, the values are too high. Makes it pretty clear the developers don't even play their own game...

    Yeah! If you want to have end game content, fine, but that's what tech duinn and crom bas and that new ruin dungeon is for.

    Remember how when we started on Thursday, all of us just wanted to vibe on a big pretty floating ship.

    I don't believe that commerce should be softlocked behind some endgame tier monster that guarantees you a loss just because of bad RNG. A group of 5-6k players should still be able to beat a dragon if they did their best... but as of right now we groups with combined total level of 100k+ and we're struggling and that's really not fair OR balanced to everyone who just wants to chill... Especially so when you can't even avoid encounters like you could bandits.
  • Mathematically impossible to beat Red Dragon on AS

    The average player with a decent team SHOULD be able to take care of the red dragon, but as it stands, we can't. The battle is unfair on a technical level.

    On average, each player needs to hit the red dragon 150 times within 40 seconds, but it is not possible to reach this even with speed gear, vivace, relentless assault, and way of the gun all stacking perfectly. you're looking at close to 4 hits per second per person for the entire 40 seconds. Don't forget, the driver needs to cancel driving first, AND move into position, then cast skills. That 3 second loss accounts for 12 hits.

    I've so far done 30+ trips, and not once in the literal 100+ dragons have we even came close. On average we see 2 red dragon spawns, sometimes as many as three in a row. On rare occasions we only managed to survive 4 red dragons if and only if a repair bonus happened twice. We've had 4-5 people who are over lv 30k with absolutely stacked weapons and maxed skills and techniques going ham on the dragon, and we're always at least 5-6 seconds short. And that's also assuming that your whole team have zero latency lag.

    The ballista gimmick seems to be a joke gimmick. The red dragon spawns so close to the ship that it's not possible to aim with ballistae, and if you could aim at it with the ballistae, then your normal attacks wont reach. I don't know if using the ballistae is the secret to beating the red dragon, but it's not possible to aim at it regardless.

    We also tried other things like Bullet Storm/Shooting rush, but these skills won't acknowledge the existence of the dragon even if they're right in your face. skills that usually bypass hit-vulnerability like celestial spike/hydra does absolutely nothing.

    The solution to a puzzle shouldn't be you need to have a full team of absolute units with decked out speed gear. If anyone else has a consistent way of beating the dragon, I'd love to hear it, but of the 30+ trips I've had nothing we tried even came close.

    This could be an easy QoL fix, if you either:

    - changed from a hit counter to a DPS counter
    - increase frequency of repair bonuses
    - decrease damage done by red dragons or decrease red dragon frequency.
    - lower the required hits by 20-25%

    It's only a challenge if it is possible to overcome the attack. Otherwise, you might as well make it into a random event where you loose 900 durability on the ship and cut out the battle entirely.

    Again, I dont know about the rest of you, but I havent heard of a single successful group fending off a red dragon attack since the update.
  • Doll Bag Update Discussion!

    Don't mean to necro this thread, but with the new commerce update and the outpost item requirements, dollbags that can already pick up Hillwen/Shyllien needs to also automatically pick up Soft Hillwen and Stained Shylliens, and dollbags like Moonlight Ferghus needs to pick up materials like Fine Wool and Wheat Chaff alongside the normal mats that he already picks up. Making 5 Fused Hillwen Alloy is a nightmare already. You also need 1000 Wheat for Flour and.. I don't know if any doll bags pick up wheat.

    We need a doll bag or a pet that actively picks up all dropped loot regardless of what it is. The Samoyed kind of does, but it needs the update that the doll bags got, and get the same AoE loot effect.
  • Bachram's Potential Pages Thread


    Spoiler alert - the next quest requires your chakram to be activated while in a party of 3... 10 times. that's 300 minutes in a party of 3, folks.
  • Right click on player - > block

    Nono i don't mean blacklisting, there's blacklist that was always there, and now there's an additional block that wasn't there before. owo

    <3 long time no see bud