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A musical heart keeps the beat~
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Sapphira19 of the Nao server, at your service. I don't hang around forums often, but you can usually find me in game hiding somewhere on channel 1 :3
  • Tales of a Milletian

    Server: Nao

    (I got talked into this as usual)

    What Pets Are Really Like

    "I'm hungry!" a corgi barked.
    "Again?! I just gave you something!" came the elf's reply.
    "Where's my oats? I demand oats!" a perseus with red armor and wings neighed.
    "Hold on, Hanjiru!" the elf cried out, bringing a hand to her head in frustration.
    "There's a thorn in my paw from that Mag Mell dungeon," a red-eyed ceraunus pouted, holding one massive paw up.
    "I'll get to you in a moment, Raibyo," she answered, trying to pull a bag of oats over to the stable.
    "Sapphira!" "Sapphira!" "Sapphira!" a myriad of pet voices rang out.
    "One at a time! I'm only one person!" the elf cried out again, bustling around trying to get to each pet.
    "Sapphiraaaa, I want more foooood!" the corgi whined. Sapphira brought a hand to her head again.
    Such is the hectic life of a pet butler.

  • H-Hello? F-forum mods?

    Unfortunately, blocking the IP and email domain probably won't work. The spam botters can just change either or both and be right back at it.
  • "Enchant Success Rate +10%" event another dud.

    This is the first time I've been scammed in a long time. It doesn't feel nice :(

    Probably won't be the last where Nexon is concerned unfortunately.
  • New Repair UI?

    ShouK wrote: »
    Ah now I see. The 100% repair is 5x the original cost..

    I don't think that's the case whatsoever. No matter who you go to in order to repair, the 100% repair fee remains the same across all. I did a test with a focused rainbow beam sword and a celtic tribolt wand.

    Focused Rainbow Beam (per point):
    Elen (90%) - Base: 950 gold <+> 100%: 44,385 gold
    Edern (98%) - Base: 22,360 gold <+> 100%: 44,385 gold

    Celtic Tribolt Wand (per point):
    Lassar (90%) - Base: 670 gold <+> 100%: 3,689 gold
    Stewart (95%) - Base: 1,341 gold <+> 100%: 3,689 gold
    Weiss (98%) - Base: 2,012 gold <+> 100%: 3,689 gold
  • A Little Market Consumer Survey~

    1.) What do U usually spend ur gold stockpile on?
    I've been trying to avoid spending gold so maybe one day I might be able to afford the gear I want. If I do spend gold, it's usually on repairs or something small if I can help it.

    2.) How often Do U spend ducats?(Or what do U buy/use em on? Fomor equips? Repairs?)
    Ducats? The only things I'd probably get there would be ancient powders as needed...after I get my harp...I need to stop being lazy and commerce more at some point.

    3.) Do U prefer getting things from the cash shop directly or trading Ingame gold for them?
    I don't have any sort of income so directly from cash shop is out of the question (unless my boyfriend wants to be stubborn and buy NX for me after I say not to, but that's maybe once a month?). I usually try buy with gold though just making gold is a struggle so I end up just skipping out on most things. :'D

    4.) Do U have a spending cap when going around PS shopping 4 items?(5m/10m/20m/etc)
    *points to answer for #1*

    5.) Last but not least...Do U prefer to generate ur own gold income(SM/Dungeons/etc) or do U afk and just merch?
    I run dungeons and SMs with friends if and when I can because solo running is mind-numbing. I'll merch if I have anything to sell, which frankly, I'm in a dry spell there.