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March 12, 1993
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To know that you know what you know and to know that you do not know what you do not know, that is knowledge - Confucious
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I like gaming, sports, anime and gardening/nature! And always trying to learn more about the world.
  • Nexon 2020 Mabinogi Community Survey

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    "do you regularly prefer to chat or lurk"
    *regularly does both*
    *can only choose one*


  • Fomors? Evil??? Erskin-Bank's role in said roots!?

    You know, I'm surprised there has been no lore about any role that Bangor has played in the past. All we know was that Bangor was once a flourishing mining town where today's Barri dungeon was the mine that was abundant in ore veins, while today there has been a lot less ore and a lot more dangerous being populated by less intelligent fomors who cannot seem to be at peace with Tuatha and Milletian alike.

    I wonder if Bangor produced most of the gold ore to supply the gold prior to the current day.

    Also, when the war against Fomors ended, and they are now living and interacting with us, their preferred choice of currency is in ducats. However, we don't know if ducats in this game are made of gold or another material.
  • Gold Lottery?

    Ravagne wrote: »
    Ravagne wrote: »
    Ravagne wrote: »
    There's taxes?
    Yes all Non-vip players pay taxes when they deposit items/money into the bank. Also items 50k+gold from a kiosk/personal have the option for direct pay from bank with tax. Thinking about it more it’s simply unfair cause the vip players don’t pay taxes xD so nvm this was a bad idea.

    Logically, tax is the correct thinking of the gold sink fees, but I consider it profit for the NPCs. Technically speaking, there are no taxes levied by the NPCs of authority in the game.

    Actually, VIP players to pay fees in all transactions with Erskin Bank and AH.
    Please stop replying to my stuff you literally put in nothing to what I’m talking about and just looking to add numbers under your name it seems.

    You have issues.

    I have issues ? You lurk the forums drooling waiting to comment on literally every post just to increase numbers under your name.

  • Did u guys manage to finish it?

    I'm still on G11, I know nothing of everyone's pain.
    CrimsọnRadiant Dawn
  • Magic Speed

    Btw, there is a meme thread.