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May 2, 1980
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  • Pet-Tabs : When extras beyond Pet and Partner are~

    They are a Favorite pets tab to put ones you like so you don't got to go through the list.
    To use them
    1. make a tab name it whatever you like
    2 go to the pet tab, and select a pet
    3 press the "Favorites" button that is above the Summon button
    4 Select "Assign to Tab"

    Now the pet is in another tab. Note you can't remove them from the main pet/partner tab.
    You can also delete tabs in the pets "Favorites" menu to remove them.
  • Any fix for Elf Ranged Lag yet?

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    lidiya wrote: »
    Yup there is an easy fix
    Move really close to Nexon NA's data center where they keep the mabi servers, and get the same ISP should have no more archery lag.


    Well the bright side is it would probably be cheaper then getting what you want out of one of the gachas ;)
  • new bingo roulette event

    Trythis wrote: »
    lidiya wrote: »
    The rewards are the lamest I've seen from this event yet.
    It isn't worth the electricity I'd be wasting to stay logged on, and AFK to bother doing.

    You must have a terrible energy efficient computer.

    Anyways this event is meh at best but I dont think its the absolute devil like some people are saying

    I have to use an 700watt PSU(or was it a 650 I forget as it's been awhile) as my 550 blew that I had so yea this sucker isn't power friendly.

    But add in the rewards from the event are basically worthless... even if it was as efficient as my raspberry pi server that pulls 3watts it still wouldn't be worth doing lol.
  • JP mabi ads

    the one at 7 mins....
  • Fix the launcher (PC Freezes)

    ehh since I installed the nexon launcher my AMD video card randomly stops responding while the launcher is running, and crashes out just to restart my video card driver causing me to have to open task manager to kill mabi, and most the time the damn launcher as all the boxes go completely black, and I can't see anything on it. USUALLY if mabi gets to the start screen I'm fine (I've had it crash once in the middle of playing), but it is only when the nexon launcher is running as I can play any other game(all thousands of times more intensive on the GPU) fine without hiccup.

    This launcher is awful, and one of the worst I've seen like the other day I was playing, and it decided to update popping up dialog boxes on my screen. I've not seen any other launcher do that untill the game is closed.