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ffxiv is a better game
  • nice going there nexon.

    I'm not sure why this thread has been going on for this long when most of the outfits are pretty cheap and easy to get with gold...

    If you want something and you don't want to pay the cash to gach for a shopping bag (which is a pretty cheap price when you're guaranteed a bag btw), then do what the rest of us do and go out and earn gold instead of getting mad at everyone around you that there's nothing free. TBH, even as someone who's not a fan of the series (not that I've seen it that is) and isn't really a fan of how nexon handles their sales, I'm just glad we got the actual crossover content instead of the usual "and this will never be brought out in NA servers" ordeals that we usually get from them. Yeah, I agree it sucks that there isn't an event tied in, but right now there's too many events going on. Rebirth Potion, Daily Missions, Musical Math, Music Association or whatever, Samhain, and then tomorrow we'll probably get Christmas stuff as well. Adding more events probably isn't wise, ontop of the fact that... Y'know... there didn't seem to be any events for this sale in any other servers which everyone's said by now.

    Sorry if that upsets you, but it's on you if you can't go get the gold or the money, not on everyone else because you can't afford it and you want it. When people tell you solutions on how to get it, you just get mad and say it's not fair (or thats what it looks like because in all honesty I have given up on reading this thread yet I'm stupid enough to reply). You could literally take the time you put into your posts here and use that on shadow missions or gathering mats and selling those. Plus, Christmas is coming up, just go take some spare cash n buy a nexon card.

    I feel like I've repeated literally everyone else by now as well, but I guess that's how this goes. Shame that people are still complaining because our version of this sale is soooooo much better than other servers.
  • Some Mabinogi one-liners.

    I guess the macarena one is... not as bad.
  • Small things in mabi that make you happy

    -When people come to me for help even though I'm still kind of new and I kind of suck
    -When people actually talk to me about this game's lore and they're not arguing over something pointless, or using it to be right/rude and are actually enjoying it
    -Going to the most remote parts of Iria, turning my status offline, going into a highly unpopulated channel that I don't usually go on, and then challenging people to find me.
  • Isn't it about time we let giants and elves marry?

    Even as a lore nerd IMO they should let players have it. Like lets be honest I don't think most players of this game really care about the lore these days. So why force people to stick to it? Just let it happen. Like many people have said, the war between elves & giants is over and has been for years. Time to move on.
  • Re-Introduce yourself!

    Alveris of Mari
    I'm a refugee from Maplestory (Been there as long as it's been open pretty much) so yeah you can pretty much bully me for that.
    Been here for 2+ years but really only played for one aka the last year.
    I really have nothing good to say.
    I usually draw things badly in ms paint, sometimes I produce a real art™ much to everyone's amazement.