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ffxiv is a better game
  • Festia Anniversary Screenshot Contest [Submission]


    She drew me a balance.

    IGN: Alveris
    Server: Mari
  • The April Fools day event made me feel alive



    Are you sure?

    Oh well that was entertaining enough back to log on XIV until we get something else new.
  • 9th Anniversary GM Event Day 1: Tarlach

    Uzume wrote: »
    ...Thinking people are "triggered" because they were dissatisfied with how Nexon handled things. Right. Welp, it's clear to me no matter what, Gaea is not a mature person even if people are being mature to her/him. So, I'm done here. There's no point in trying to crack open a rock.

    I think she's just lying for the sake of being right at this point considering I could have sworn she said she's from somewhere in Europe before to another user but I mean I guess if you have to make up trauma to be right on an online forum then yeah I don't blame you for leaving at this point.

    At this point I might as well leave too. :/ I don't think she really learns anything and I have a funeral to help plan anyways.
  • 9th Anniversary GM Event Day 1: Tarlach

    Stop editing your posts like 3 times

    Also just because you want to mouth off to a customer doesn't mean you should do it.
  • 9th Anniversary GM Event Day 1: Tarlach

    Gaea wrote: »
    Well we could just go with uh...some ambiguous generic response repeatedly. Would that be better?
    Um actually, yes because it would show at least a manner of professionalism that this company lacks, that for some reason you think that a bad bratty response is better. In the end of the day, Nexon is still a company. They aren't exempt from getting backlash for repeated poor treatment toward their user base, just like any other company gets, just because we like their games. I know there are times that people can get ridiculous. For example, the death threats sent out to Sabina? That is the community getting incredibly out of hand and that is poor treatment of the game's staff. This? This is people basically explaining their feelings, and then people coming in and saying why peoples feelings are stupid, and then another staff member saying "OH DONT FORGET WHY WE'RE HERE OR WE'RE JUST GOING TO REVOKE PRESENTS FOR SHOWING UP AT THESE EVENTS" which yknow, is incredibly bratty to say. I know people are not owed anything for showing up, but a response like this? That's going to cause conflict. It's like saying "OH IF YOU EXPECTED A FREE SAMPLE LIKE I GAVE THE OTHER GUY, I'M GOING TO STOP GIVING THEM BECAUSE OF REASONS I DON'T FEEL OBLIGATED TO EXPLAIN" when there's better ways of handling it, that are far more professional. Stop treating them like this is some free service and their paychecks aren't paid, that some players aren't giving the company revenue, because they are.