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  • Tech Duinn missions

    Also a tip for Revived Illusion. During the "rescue the hostage" rooms having all 4 members in the circle will speed up the circle's timer. The best strategy, particularly at the harder difficulties, is to have all 4 members in the circle and have sand burst ready and blind the mages. Once the hostage is freed, you can then go about murdering everything in the room in a massive bloodbath.
  • So uh...Glenis has a hot neice?

    Orkane wrote: »
    Was looking at Glenis' wiki and saw this.
    Manus states that Glenis's husband passed away from eating a Mana Herb.
    Uh, ok... so mana herbs don't always turn you into a bear.

    Glenis does have a daughter Flora, who does most of the cooking and is never seen.

    Mana herbs don't turn anyone into a bear. Tarlarch turns into a bear in order to eat the herbs since he can't while human. He needs the herbs to keep his mana up during the day when Eweca isn't out.

    To reinforce your point.
    He also feeds on Mana Herbs in Bear form to sustain his life (he is allergic to them as a Human).
    So, people shouldn't consume mana herbs. They are toxic. Yet, a vital ingredient to make mana potions.

    Yet, such an item had once existed.

    Of the part timers during cooking contest, this is the only female character.

    Just to further add to this, with in the world of Mabi, potions and herbs are closer to drugs than magical implements. So the process of cooking them probably removes the toxicity that comes with them. A number of real world foods are toxic to humans until you cook them. So dying by eating herbs might just be a case of allergies, natural toxicity, and good old fashion medical poisoning. Hence why Tarlach transforms into a bear to eat them, bear physiology might handle raw herbs better.
  • Alchemy nerfing is a bit extreme

    I tried shock in Revived Illusion, and the skill just straight up does nothing, even in normal rooms. The effect gets applied but does not attack anything. However, in an ironic twist, this doesn't affect monsters in there. The evil eye can and does cast shock as one of its attacks, and guess what, it works on you. I honestly really hate it when they take out skill options like this. I mean I rather just have it so they disable self revival options like Phantasm instead of this.
  • Marleid Is So Goddamn Beautiful

    She is absolutely adorable through the entire thing. She's also freakishly scared of ghosts and makes me wanna take her to Peaca just to bully her a bit. Also at this point the Millitian should really put up a sign that says "nigh unkillable, stop risking injuries for me".
  • This is TNNN: Breaking News!

    As it turns out, Mabi characters getting turned into real life people also turns up their attractiveness factor as well. Whelp, time to ask nicely for Nao to put on Rua's dress again.