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Sometimes I wonder why I bother with mabi...but then I log in and look through my friendlist and see many great people I've befriended in the two years that I've been here. I remember the first day, I nearly quit because the game was too boring without friends.I couldn't do certain missions on my own and I figured the game just wouldn't work for me..until I met a friend. She shouted "elf!" and followed me around. She, too, was elf and we were close. A lot has happened over the years and my big circle of friends dwindled down to only a small handful...which is honestly...the best amount anyone needs.


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December 17, 1998
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What's the point of looking back when time only flows forward?
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I love Aileen, mabi and my cat Soojin...and NCT.
  • Marleid Is So Goddamn Beautiful

    I just realized Bliss has the name as Marlein, and not Marleid. ...I smell a fake waifu.
  • Marleid Is So Goddamn Beautiful

    She's pretty for a character but her AI in the final battle sucks. : (

    but uh, what a nice poem. I've don't think i've seen anyone do this before ahahaha
  • Checkbox for reviving instantly w/o cooldown

    Everywhere. Just, everywhere. I hear horror-stories of bots in basically a lot of places back then, farming..just, everything. It was horrible.
    [Deleted User]Zairak
  • Why don't other MMOs do what mabinogi does?

    Luna Online. It got shut down a while back (years ago) and idk if its back or not. It's very similar to mabi but I don't remember much since it was so long ago. I miss it though-
    [Deleted User]
  • The saddest moment of your life.

    There's a big thing going on about drinking milk or not. I haven't drank it in 10 years (hate the taste, even using strawberry syrup never helped). Many argue that they developed ospteriosis (can't spell even if my life depended on it) even while drinking milk. "Drink milk, its healthy for your bones and ospteriosis won't develop/as quickly as without!" (how 2 spell). Many also argue that drinking certain kinds can cause issues, and certain ones are better for you. A simple google search will show you all sides of the argument, It's fun to read. I just never liked the taste, so I don't bother. I haven't broken a bone even if I do fall on edges of concrete that could potentially break bones, and all I do is twist my ankles a lot. Who knows, though, since I can't afford a doctor visit to see how my bones/body is doing after these years.

    Drink it or not, doesn't matter to me.
    Greta[Deleted User]