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  • Anyone got the Catsidhe pet? How are they?

    Figured I'd drop in and confirm that you select a new talent when taking a catsidhe pet out of an adoption medal. I had a medal from an old attendance event and gave it to a friend. I selected the talent she wanted just in case, but it had her select one all over. It also tells you flat out you won't be able to change the selection UNLESS the pet gets adopted.
  • Dorcha crystals

    ShouK wrote: »
    Can you still get them after you have obtained spinning slasher? I caved in and bought the 2nd one but still would like to farm for others to cover the gold I spent for the 2nd..

    I haven't obtained any duplicate crystals since I obtained spinning slash, but you can still buy the 4th from fleta, so it seems possible.
  • Chain Slash Hidden Talent Titles?


    That's all the hybrid talent titles I have. You usually don't get any new ones after Great. Black Knight didn't fit with all the others so it's there on the right.
    BlissfulkillpawcalypseSherriMegitron[Deleted User]KokoroKiraxLoli
  • No event

    ~waxes on~

    Once, long ago, in the before times. There were actually periods where the event tag wasn't perpetually on every channel of every server. They say if you listen carefully, you can still hear the sounds of people playing without being dragged this way and that by a convoluted series of events or AFKing for points.

    That said, I tend to prefer a nice, non-afk, but at your own pace sort of event to be around, something I can ignore if I want, but still do if I'm inclined, and not feel like I was left out or cheated either way.
    KokoroBuffalosSacamiImaizumiyessiree[Deleted User]
  • Hillwen Mine B3

    Just desummoning the pet is unreliable, use shadow cloak from the ninja tree when you've moved the golem away.

    The golems do not move unless they're aggroed, they go into rest, this makes them the easiest of the three monsters to relocate.

    The shriekers and bison are more a complicated matter, you'll need to use enthralling performance to actually move them. This changes their anchor point, so they won't return to the main rock, rather, they'll consider the place you led them to as their new home, at least until someone kills them.

    One good thing is that once they've been enthralled once, they'll aggro onto you instantly upon pointing a bow at them. In which case they'll try to run you down, then you can drag them away, drop their aggro with shadow cloak/crisis escape, and then use enthralling to set their anchor. (This is pretty obviously a bug, but they still won't acknowledge it. It's why foxes and raccoons like to attack people who aim bows at them.)

    Using those strategies you can clear out a huge area to mine.