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  • Put memory reforges in the shop!

    Hey, I see there's a reforge event.

    Please put memory reforges in the shop. Right now, I have some reforges on my gear, that are lowish rolls in relevant skills. I'd like higher rolls in skills I use, but not at the risk of ending up with irrelevant skill boosts on my swords.

    I'm not going to buy regular reforges and put them on my gear since I have a high probability of ending up with garbage stat boosts.

    However, if memory reforges were sold, I would buy some, knowing that unlike with other reforge tools, I'm guaranteed not to come out any worse than I was before.

    Right now, as I see it, reforges are "Pay money to probably make my equipment worse." And I hope you can understand why I'm not buying that.

    For those that don't remember, memory reforges were sold in a bundle not too long ago (Oddly enough, the more expensive version of the bundle had LESS memory reforges). And using a memory reforge on an item shows you what it rolled, and lets you choose to keep the old rolls or take the new ones.
  • New Website Bugs

    Yeah, after I looked at the HTML, JS and CSS, as a web developer, it FEELS like the following happened.

    Someone in management comes up with an idea to revamp the way the site looks. Developers come up with a good looking version that has all of the information neatly alligned. Manager goes "Nope, I saw this article that says having things all spread out through the site increases engagement." Developers sigh sadly, and quickly try to revamp their code for the new requirements.

    The above repeats many times for slightly different requirements, until the code is an unmaintainable mess, due to fundamental changes being required on a weekly basis. The developers are exhausted, and stop caring about the quality of the user experience, they know their complaints will fall on deaf ears, so they numb themselves and resign to the idea of having a subpar experience, since that's what the all knowing management team, who likely never actually played an MMO wants.

    The management is happy because "Yup, the developers were able to adapt to changing requirements, that's what Agile development means." without actually knowing what agile means.
  • New Website Bugs

    The new design has excessive amounts of unused space at the top of pages, leading to a frustrating experience.

    On a vanilla chrome, on 1080p screen, literally the only things visible on screen are the login bar at the top, and this massive marquee esque banner that scrolls too quickly for people to actually read, and too slowly for people to easily get the gist of.

    Speaking of the marquee banner at the top, how about making scrolling through it reset the auto scroll timer? It's super frustrating to scroll left, only for it to immediately scroll right.

    Now onto the news page:
    Please, PLEASE give us an option to view as a vertical list. Where the DATES are in one column and names are in another. To use it as is, my eyes need to dart around the page to get a gist of the temporal spacing of the news.

    Oh, and also: 117 HTML errors and 7 HTML warnings. It's clear that compliance for people with disabilities wasn't even thought of.
  • Official Outfits/Items/Etc Suggestion Thread

    Could we get height boosting insoles back?

    Preferably for both genders.
  • Update to NX Credit Purchase Policy

    This is super vague.

    If you meet unspecified criteria upon purchasing goods, you will have unspecified trading restrictions placed upon you.

    This vague threat of unspecified danger, upon unspecified criteria, makes me very much afraid to purchase using credit.