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  • Homestead Housing Update

    thank you Nexon for totally destroying the illusion that the house i built on my Homestead years ago isn't really mine....i'm only LEASING it i at least own the Homestead itself, or is that someone else's too.....makes me want to turn my house back into a tent now.

    i think you kinda knew it was a sour deal by the wording used....' most anticipated' instead of something more along the line of 'most wanted' for those who 'anticipated' the worst thing they could'a done to the were right
  • Multi-clienters ruining/abusing events

    there are only 6 wings available per server per WEEK....of the thousands that will be playing each week only 6 on each server will win wings....if there were only 100 players on 100 single accounts then there would STILL be 94 people crying over not winning any wings.....get over it already.....agreed, they should make them more readily available instead of such a low number....also the cheap lower prizes need to be something a whole lot better than spamming crap tons of hammers....seriously, Festia looked like there was a Blacksmith's convention, and they all got sick and threw up hammers everywhere.....full restore potions were nice, but also too spammy......wanna spam a prize ??? about FREE 100% REPAIR COUPONS for that everyone would enjoy, and no one would throw away
  • Festival Troublemakers Spawn Times?

    you so pro..... <3 B)
  • Festival Troublemakers Spawn Times?

    lol....i meant to transform in case the Troublemaker is a pain, and you happen to be all alone.....i didn't need to myself with Mana Shield...also i used my free Thoroughbred horsey to distract it a little so i could get in some steady hits.....don't have Divine Link myself, but my pet still helped me get the pass.....Final Hit might negate the need for a pet to help take on the's even easier in a group with everyone waylaying on it.....we late-nighters on Ruairi don't always have that last option so it pays to be more

    to the original poster......they do seem to spawn at fairly regular intervals.....just not in the same time everyone was in a different area waiting right after they battled it the previous time, and it respawned in a totally different location....i informed everyone in chat where it was, and they all came a
  • Festival Troublemakers Spawn Times?

    yays....i dood it.....being an Elf i can't duel weild, but knuckles are fast 5 Merlin ones from past event can do some serious damage too (but not on this critter)....used a pet along with Mana Shield (that critter hits hard) .....if human i'd use Final won't damage it, but it seems that smacking it continually enough times is what gets you the pass.....the bandit itself is super easy

    be sure to get items from the treasure chest they were standing near out in front of the house....that's what you take back to Festia with you

    might even transform (pally, beast) to bring up your own Heavy Stander ability along with higher HP, MP, Stamina.....the pass to enter the Bandits will appear in your inventory automatically so there's nothing to pick up from the WILL aggro you if you get too close