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  • I think that's it for me.

    Used to be in Mabinogi you could Be Anything. Nowadays though, you are REQUIRED to be EVERYTHING in order to enjoy the latest content. Used to be my Human and Giant Warriors and my Elf Archer could fight their way through anything the mainstream quests threw at them, sometimes with the help of new mechanics, but mostly through their original skills from way back at the start of the game, just applied in a different way. Not any more. The warriors are stymied by the Incubus King's sheer power. The archer is stuck further behind, unable to overcome Mutant Talek's total immunity to ranged attacks. I've stocked up on support items, thought up and practiced new skill combos, leveled up my Fynni pets, and again and again my toons go in resolute and are spit out defeated. The only solution is to go train up other talents and skills, talents and skills in which I have no interest whatsoever.

    Never wanted to be a Wizard. Or a Fighter. Or a Cleric. Or a Bard or a Battle Alchemist or a Ninja or a Dorcha-whatever-the-Hey-they're-called. Likewise, I was happy just with a Tailor, a Smith, and an Apothecary, never you mind that they're pretty much useless now (just like all the other Life talents, IMO). But newer mechanics like Techniques and Stardust DEMAND I not only be these all these other things, but have them at maximum rank. That I put in time and effort in things I don't want to spend either on. And that's simply not how I've played the game, and definitely not how I've enjoyed it since 2008.

    So it's pretty clear the game's no longer what it was back in the game, and no longer caters to players like me. I think it's pretty darn amazing it managed to entertain me for eleven freaking years, and equally devastating that it has taken away all that joy in a measly two. Some people are of the opinion I should take a break from the game and return after a while, but I'm pretty sure if I left and returned, it would only be to find that my toons are still stuck at the same points, and that in order to progress they will still need to be Grandmaster in all 800 Talents that will be available by then.

    I'll ponder this some more until year's end, and maybe try one or two more things against the foes that my toons face, but I'm pretty sure this is my last year in Erinn. Tir Na Nog has simply moved on, and I seem to have been left behind. Pity,
  • Regarding the Oct. 24 Maintenance

    And here I almost bet it was the Alexina thing. Goshdarn it am I glad I didn't!

    How much were you planning to bet?

    About $10. Which I don't have (,>_>)
  • M E R G E

    N O .
    CrimsọnKageitoPolicromaPlatinaKokipawcalypseSherriRadiant Dawn
  • Nao Sever PvP

    Never done PvP, never will. Find it far more amusing to see people doing it and then complaining about how the other side cheats.
    VeylaineRadiant DawnWolfsingerroseangel
  • Defeating the Ulgarms...

    This mission is not as hard as the whining first led me to believe; matter of fact, come Week 4 I think I'll do this mission since I find it far easier and entertaining than avoiding the ulgrims.

    Another tip I think has yet not been mentioned: the large ulgrams deal almost no damage to Subaru, so you don't have to panic if one targets him, just ignore it and go for the small ones.