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  • G25 Precursor Event

    Timefall wrote: »
    Wait, so the skill change is random? I thought the entire point of this event was to get a combo card of your own design. If the skills are random, then it's far far worse than just using advancement badges. I guess this event is just to get a few gems?
    It's a random skill within the category. The point is that you can get higher rolls at later stages than with advancement badges.
    wat? why?
    You would need to re-cast the skill each time for the bonus.
  • G25 Precursor Event

    The skills selection is random when you change it via the coupon so realistically you should only try to min max the last two skills while using advancement badges for the rest. You simply won't have enough points to get every skill slot the way you want via event points. That means a 6x hailstorm card is forever never ever lol.
    Edit: apparently 6x hailstorm cards don't even work so don't bother trying lol
    BronzebreakRadiant Dawn
  • Mabinogi genuinely effects my mental health.

    Mabi rewards you more for intelligent play than sheer effort, although you're free to do the latter if you want. While it's tempting to spend days grinding through the game to make progress you'll burn yourself out and come to resent all the time you've put into it and how it's overwhelmed your life. You're better off learning the mechanics of the game and then pacing yourself through it by optimizing your time spent. The difference between being efficient and inefficient is spending an hour or several days for similar results. For instance you could spend half an hour a week leveling to 150 or spend several days per week to get to 200 and the former is almost always the better option. I consider myself a hardcore player, but even as I log in every day my non-afk time is limited to maybe an hour.

    Similarly gachapon is a necessary evil to milk players with poor impulse control, but I'm still able to buy what I want by saving up gold from daily activities. The game conditions you with random rewards all the time but focus on what you have and be reasonable with your own resources and it shouldn't bother you as much.

    My interactions with the community is limited to daily girg raids but it's been positive overall. Most everyone has a good time aside from the person hosting who people go out of the way to torment and there's little in the way of partisan politics which is amazingly rare in online communities and a very welcome change. I can't say I understand your situation but if you're in a toxic group I think you should try to change your environment. The game isn't as big as it used to be but the community has different pockets you can make yourself a part of. It sucks to stop interacting with people, but sometimes it is a necessity.
  • after years of waiting

    From my understanding this has less to do with laziness and more to do with the game originally being coded in spaghetti. The new director has had the team putting effort into fixing old code to make something as simple as bigger possible. Hopefully this will translate into more optimizations down the road. Movement is still abysmal in its clunkiness with your character getting stuck for no reason. Menus are inconsistent and need to be cleaned up. You don't need to be reminded that you've stopped talking to an NPC when you explicitly clicked to end the conversation in the first place. Maybe we can finally be able to have a pet out when browsing the auction hall too.
  • Best Pet to use as Main pet for Fynn Sync

    I got a Wizard Corgi on my first try and I have to say I'm a tad bit disappointed. While their protection and HP and int high out of the gate their other stats and stat growths are abysmally low for a combat pet. They're only slightly better when compared to the stats of cheaper pets people used to buy for storage. What's more is that they don't learn any spells so they will fall behind in int comparatively. If and when you get to 10ttl it shouldn't matter as much. Props to Nexon for not power creeping Lil Jack too soon I suppose lol. The one thing Corgi has on Lil Jack is continuous boost which frankly speaking is good enough reason to have it as your main fynn pet. Edit: Just realized Lil Jack also has the same kind of running boost. Too bad little corgi. You're worse than him in every way.

    The much lauded debuff is overrated as well. The protection debuff from the corgis can help weaken mobs that you would one shot anyway or it can do little to nothing at all to mobs you'd have trouble with. Protection grants diminishing returns the higher it is so once you get to higher level content where mobs have 80+ protection 3 full stacks of the debuff can do as little as increase your damage by a 2 or 3 percent. Not to mention there's apparently a cap on said debuff. It's still better to have it than not though but you can only have one pet at a time and there are better alternatives imo. The magic variant of the debuff is unique I suppose but endgame is dominated by physical attacks so I don't see it as being too useful.

    Personally I'm more of a fan of effects like the ones seen the floral fairy. 10% movement speed is huge and when stacked with the movement perk should greatly improve the flow of close combat. It's stats are also abysmal, worse than some storage pet even, but shine of eweca should patch that issue.