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  • Apparently you can accumalate points to get a Kart

    They wouldn't have bothered to translate it and set an end date if they didn't intend for them to be released them here.
  • Is the pet talent worth coming back for?

    It's mostly a QoL update. You can fuse your pet to last 23hours per day, give each of your pets up to 3 different inventories and have up to 5 other pets' summoning attack on hand as friend summons without de-sommoning your current pet. Essentially you can now have a main pet and keep it summoned all the time.
    Unlocking everything is a grind especially with now as there are no events to funnel players into the dungeons where you're able to find materials.
  • Attendance Check Event

    Negumiko wrote: »
    Pip-Boy wrote: »
    Neat! But this has nothing at all to do with Halloween.

    true, I can see how these wedding items may be very valuable to some players that want to organize a homestead wedding but still has nothing to do with Halloween. not sure why something like this couldn't wait until later in November, this looks like a sad attempt to try and get some of us to forget how bad our Halloween event is this year. October is one of the few months I actually play the gacha usually but with how sad our Halloween event is and the fact that they slipped event items that are supposed to be free into our gacha I simply can't get into the Halloween spirit this year in mabi enough to justify spending money on it. hopefully next year will be better.

    I'm not even bothering with the Rock Paper Scissors event. It's unbelievably boring to wait around for other people to join and couple that with the fact that you need to do it an average of 600 times to get one of the better rewards it's just not worth the trouble. There really needed to have been an auto-repeat mode as the animation for it is way too long to expect people to do it manually. You could use alts but i'd rather not waste the electricity leaving on two computers for five hours a day for coupons.

    It would have been better to re-use one of the older events. Any event would be better than this one.
  • Attendance Check Event

    Neat! But this has nothing at all to do with Halloween.
    NegumikoRadiant DawnCrimsọn
  • The Beautiful Lights for the Night Event

    The homestead items are nice, but it's too bad there aren't any trees that match the leaves. The closest would be the snowfield trees that are bare giving the impression of fallen leaves.