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  • Thoughts on New Baltane Missions/Baltane Elites

    I can kill things just fine in any elite baltane mission, but the squires die too quickly, that is my beef.

    Your assessment on my ability to complete the missions was inaccurate, for some reason the squires in my missions love attacking counterattack loaded enemies and killing themselves.
  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    When dunbarton AND belvast aren't filled to the brim with shops, where it overflows to the secondary channel,

    When there aren't people killing eachother in EvG all day long,

    When there are no X item on the housing board,

    When only one guild bids on a castle,

    When Primary Market channel almost never becomes truly Full,

    When a new event comes out and you have no trouble talking to an NPC because a lack of crowds (think black dragon event with the human NPC in Rano)

    When over half your FULL friends list is permanently Red,

    You know Mabi is a shadow of its former self.
    [Deleted User]CrimsọnpawcalypseJulieZarozianUnisexSherriHazurah
  • Iria Treasure hunts, and other old events

    We need some of these to come back, there's nothing left really; of what those events dropped and now there's no way to obtain them, considering how small the population is, I think it would do a lot of good to reintroduce these items into circulation.
  • It is time to give Giants and Elves Final Hit

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    @Lutetium ~ It's not so much America's garbage ISPs as it is America's geographic size in comparison. ~ South Korea's Super Fast Lightning Speed Network only exists because their entire country is 7 times smaller than the State of Texas. :expressionless:

    USA ISP's got billions of taxpayer money to upgrade the infrastructure, but never did.

    F--- American ISP's.
    [Deleted User]TheNyanCatSherri
  • Dorcha crystals

    Just need 2 more #3's and 1 more #2, and 2 #5's. (For me and wife, of course.

    There's really no good reason to with-hold such information, it just makes you look bad to advocate against the sharing of knowledge for the sake of greed/personal gain.