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Congratulations on the server merge! Hope they will keep on fixing and improving things.


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October 27, 1992
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"The village of elves and zwölves."
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  • Crom Bás Celebration Events

    Congratulations on nice new content, and the new dungeon's opening!
    The Meow is too weak to go there, apparently. Even though there's Infiltration Pass that lets us enter under 1500 combat level, it won't make The Meow efficient enough.

    There's a typo (extra word) in the Gifts from the Abyss webpost that goes as "You can it open it..."
    And the scheme on the special webpage seems a bit messed. The green magic circle probably sets erg difficulty level to 0, while it's the blue one that decreases it by 10%

    May everyone enjoy this winter and the events.
  • A Fresh Memory Celebration

    The Meow loves Blaanid's voice recordings! And even more so since he doesn't know the language and cannot hear any inaccuracy. Ah, the bliss of ignorance. He hopes they are just as great all throughout the Memoir storyline.
    P. S. This actually belongs to another forum topic. Meow's hand slipped. He apologises for the inconvenience.
  • A Fresh Memory Celebration

    orcabluewa wrote: »
    Probably a dumb question , but after talking to Boost Joe, how do you start the Boost ? When do you get the first quest , A Blue Fragrance on the Wind ?
    @Caissa said it's in your Basic quest tab. Just in case.

    The Meow decided to report on the occasion immediately, in case he wouldn't have an opportunity later. The Memoir introductory quest called A Blue Fragrance on the Wind has a description that goes on about having rebirthed and received a weapon from Duncan. Although it is suitable for beginners, the text looks quite irrelevant for those who have already spent considerable amounts of time on their journeys, set aside the fact that we don't speak with Duncan during this quest.
  • Desperate Designer Event

    The event seems a lot like the last year's one with the schoolgirl and her notes. It's good that we can get patterns instead of ready items sometimes, as it may inspire people to take on tailoring. However, this may also discourage those who don't like tailoring. The Meow likes tailoring, but the grind-likeness of some of its tiers may be quite unsettling. He also likes it that it's not too hard to participate and enjoy. Hope there won't be too many afk players stacking up to trees' height, yeah?
    There is a couple of misprints in the event's description. The first one goes as "These items will also also be completely removed...", and the second one is in the mannequin crafting explanation, going as "You can use the Handicraft Kit to craft the Journey's Mannequin (Event) and...".
    Thank you for the attention.
    Let's help Cindy.
  • Winter Fishing Event

    The Meow thinks the event itself is cool. It's just that many people who are dedicated and have been playing for years can't get interested enough, because there are few or no new rewards. Many people's loyalty level experiences a decent impact and may decrease with it. Since The Meow enjoys the process rather than the reward, he likes the event.