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"The few, the proud: Tuathade"
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  • I've been using my own homestead as our "guild headquarters" for years now because they havent touched guild functions in basically a decade... I want to finally be able to upload my guild's emblem! this thread has so many great ideas! I'…
  • Hi Seyza! We're actively recruiting for my guild, Tuathade! It's def newbie friendly! We are a good mix of vets/newbies, but we try our best to include all our members with whatever stuff we do (level restrictions permitting; wish there were more w…
  • Hi Vasumati We're actively recruiting for Tuathade! We aren't a roleplaying guild, but the name and symbolism of our guild is based on the Celtic lore that mabi is based off of :B We have a lot of creative players in our guild tho, so I'm sure y…
  • heya! We're actively recruiting in my guild! I made a post here in the forums about the Tuathade guild if you'd like to check it out. Otherwise, feel free to add me in game (IGN: Itzu) or on discord (pomnabo#1484) ~Itzu
  • money isnt the only reason to use these tho so at least personally, i appreciate the exp boost and consider it a decent trade off
  • Thanks Helsa! but we're actually designated as an adventure guild! We aren't a roleplaying guild; though if our members want to role play, they're welcome to do so haha.
  • Tuathade is still recruiting! We're actively working to build up our community and are currently preparing to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!! We welcome new or old players! Read the original post for more information! ~Itzu
  • Hi There Odium1! I know you've had this posted for about a month now, but I wanted to reach out!! My guild is recruiting! While we are not exclusively a music guild, we do have squads devoted to music, and we'd love to meet and chat with you …
  • heya ^^ Welcome to mabi! I'm the Leader of the Tuathade guild here on Alexina. We're one of (if not) the oldest established guilds on the server. We are a small and humble family with big aspirations and big hearts! We're always looking for new …
  • Tuathade is also recruiting haha We have members old and new, and we're all college aged. We're also social, and there's stuff going on all the time! We also use discord daily haha If you'd like to know more check out my post here in the mabi for…
  • here's the link to my post here in the mabi forums ^^
  • If you're looking for an adventure guild with lots of different activities going on at any given time, check out Tuathade! We're currently recruiting! ^^ we have old and new players alike. feel free to add me in game: Itzu also, be sure to che…
  • Tuathade is recruiting! If you're looking to make some friends, you're welcome to check us out! Feel free to add me in game too: Itzu
  • We're excited to announce that our guild is growing! BUT! we are still recruiting!!! so if you'd like to join a rapidly growing guild and make a whole bunch of new friends, please add me in game: Itzu make sure you check our forums for more inf…
  • Yo! Tuathade is recruiting! please visit our forums to learn more about us: if you have any questions and wanna chat in game, add me: Itzu (itzu)
  • It's been a few weeks and Tuathade is growing! If you're looking for a place to truly call home, add me in game and send me a note about applying! Tuathade is still recruiting! Come join the squad! -Itzu
  • @Ktty I only vaguely understand what you're saying. could you please be more specific about these things? I'm not the most tech savvy! ^^; Thanks :B EDIT: idk what I did or what happened but I got it to work! I updated my virus scan and ran a scan…
  • I can't even download the launcher properly because it "isnt complete" or something. I'm playing on windows 7. I've rebooted my laptop several times to now avail. I really don't want to have to go through the pain of reinstalling mabi....
  • Hey guys! Tuathade has been in the process of rebuilding, and we are looking for new membership! Add me in game (IGN: Itzu) and send me a quick note. Tuathade would certainly fit your needs! We're a small guild, but we've got low level players, and…
  • Hey! I might be able to help, though I'm having issues downloading the new patch atm, so bear with me, but add me in game IGN: Itzu we can discuss compensation afterwards