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  • Well Played Nexon.

    Chibisai wrote: »
    Same... out of all the mobs, they had to pick one I fear the most: spiders! :'(


    Don't worry. I got your back

  • Dream House!

    Got a golden key to my new house and it's fantastic!!!

    Thanks so much Nexon!!!
  • Save Eyes KR Release False Alarm (I Was Wrong)

    Okay so if my Engrish Comprehenshion (yes you read that right) is correct, the latest Beauty Pouch only gives one item instead of the 3 we got in the old ones. However they took out all the clothes and shoes etc so that you will get a coupon (hair, face, eye, mouth) or a wig.

    Also, if you don't like what you got, you can convert a few of them (10 of them?) them similar to Transformation Medals and have a chance at a new item.

    I like it. Might be a little expensive if it's still priced at 1500NX but my biggest gripe with the Beauty Boxes was all the filler rewards (shoes galore!).
  • Save Eyes KR Release False Alarm (I Was Wrong)

    I don't know the price of these Royal eye coupons but I'd say the Beauty coupon gacha is way way worse. With this thing you are at least guaranteed to get one of the eleven eyes. If you wanted a certain hair in the Beauty coupon gacha, you had to fight against RNG which included a million other hairstyles and a pile of random clothes.

    Anyway Starlight Eyes isn't one of the options so I'll be giving this one a pass.
  • Thoughts on New Baltane Missions/Baltane Elites

    Shadoe wrote: »
    I really have no clue what is going on in this game anymore.

    And people are seriously now using like 20 different types of buffs to finish things? And we should be doing like 50-150k damage per hit? Now I'm just annoyed. This doesn't look fun at all.

    He's just showing off his high damage capability because someone asked him to. You don't need anywhere near that much damage to clear these missions.

    Bob12345 wrote: »
    Is this legit celtic chainblade drop from mob or you just trolled everyone here by dropping your own? Lol

    The stats on the pictured chain blade as well as the one on the other thread seem randomised as they are inconsistent with the stats you get from smithing. Because of this, it's probably safe to assume they are telling the truth about them being drops.

    Considering the price of the materials, you'd have to be pretty dedicated to trolling to make the chain blade, purposely fail the finishing and then purposely break the durability even more just for lols.